/ Ben Nevis Winter Climbing Conditions

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LJKing - on 13 Mar 2012
Is stuff on the Ben still in condition? Hoping to head up for Wkd of 23 March. Interested in 4s like Comb Gul. Buttress, Observatory ridge, Burritos Groove etc. Any info welcome.

I know a lot can change in two weeks but I need to gamble on booking flight quite soon!


In reply to LJKing: Booking a flight for Scottish ice is not a gamble I'd take this month, personally. Unless you're prepared to bring your rock boots and an open mind.
alistair macey on 13 Mar 2012
In reply to LJKing:
Things were certainly melting yesterday, as my climbing partner put it 'we even did some canyoning on that route'.

We did cascade and there were lots of other folk out who all got up icy stuff.
The ice remaining was good in places, mushy in others and crumbling or hollow else where with plenty of water flowing.

hope that helps

Roy on 14 Mar 2012 -
In reply to LJKing:

Almighty gamble you’re taking if it’s winter sport you’re after

The long term weather forecasts (if they can be trusted) are not very encouraging at all.
Yep, we can get a cold snap, but it’ll have to be a good one as there’s basically nothing left to build up on

I was in Glencoe, 8th 9th and 10th, it felt more like the end of April
xusa - on 14 Mar 2012
In reply to LJKing: Up here in the Highlans we are all rock climbing now!!! Yupiiiiiiiii no more thermals and loads of layers!!!
Blobb on 14 Mar 2012 - whois?
In reply to xusa:

Eh? It was 8 degrees today. Hardly the tropics.
AG - on 14 Mar 2012
Some snow forecast for weekend, so not quite t shirt weather yet. Probably won't last but you just never know.
Big Lee - on 15 Mar 2012
In reply to LJKing:

I wouldn't bother mate. Even I've given up on winter for this year.

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