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 HB1 11 Dec 2020

Hoping for some help on the topic. My VW campervan (pro conversion) is up for insurance renewal, and it does seem to be VERY expensive! Does anyone have recommendations for a good value alternative to Safeguard? Hope to hear!

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I use A-Plan seems reasonable enough price wise and cover the conversion

 Basemetal 11 Dec 2020
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Try Adrian Flux.

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 Qwerty2019 11 Dec 2020
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I use caravanwise.  Insured fully comp with 12,000mls per annum.  I have had it insured with them for about 3yrs so far and had the renewal for the 4th a few weeks back.  Always been around £300 fully comp with £250 xs

I dont recommend anyone until i have seen them in action.  My camper was hit in a car park 2 mths before renewal.  I called the claims dept, completed a claim form and 24 hours later they asked me to take it to any garage for estimate.  I took it to a BMW repair shop and got the estimate to them that day.  It was authorized for repair next day.  £2500 later i paid the £250 xs and drove it away.  

I was expecting to get absolutely stung on renewal premium but in fact it went down by £3.  I even called to ask how this was the case and they said the claim wasnt my fault so it didnt effect my policy.  They have my loyalty as long as they maintain reasonable prices.

 Sans-Plan 11 Dec 2020
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I have been using Advance Insurance as a broker for the past couple of years and they seem to be getting me pretty good prices. If you do lower miles than me, you have a lot more choice, I need to insure to 15k and that actually precludes using a lot of campervan insurers.

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 big_ron 11 Dec 2020
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I recently used a company called Anthony D Evans. Haven’t got a VW but they got us a deal that was dirt cheap compared to the others

 Hooo 11 Dec 2020
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I'm currently using A-Plan. They had the best quote and it's nice to speak to an actual campervan specialist who knows what they are on about, rather than a call centre. I've never had to claim, but it's underwritten by Highway who are part of LV, and they have a good reputation.

 Nigel Modern 11 Dec 2020
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Another for Brentacre

 IanNicBit 11 Dec 2020
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I’d vote Adrian Flux too

 65 11 Dec 2020
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Adrian Flux or Justkampers. I was insured with the former for two years until their renewal price increased dramatically, now with the latter and quite happy for much less money, for now.

 kirsten 11 Dec 2020
In reply to 65:A Plan

 Misha 12 Dec 2020
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I use Comfort Insurance (Aviva is the underwriter). I’m in a high risk postcode so Brentacre wouldn’t even offer cover and Adrian Flux was about £3. Comfort is £1k so not cheap but it’s all relative. Not tried the others, perhaps I should. 

 tspoon1981 12 Dec 2020
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I use BeWiser for our VW van, its always been around £250 with £250 excess. So far I've never had to claim for the van, so I don't have any experience with their claims department. What are you being qouted?

 mrbird 12 Dec 2020
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Dodge staveley head like the plague. Absolute crooks. 

 HB1 12 Dec 2020
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Many thanks all. I've got a few days before renewal, so I'll get some quotes. Safeguard is quoting c£460, but that does include breakdown etc UK and Europe, but I'm not sure we'll be going over next year, so it's unnecessary expense. 

 Billhook 12 Dec 2020
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I eventually got insured for our campervan - it was with Adrian Flux.  But the restrictions are prohibitive.  They include a limit in mileage of 5000 miles which is manageable but only if we stick to the next restriction they add:- No commuting, no social use (like shopping etc.,)  other than travelling too and from holiday destinations.  Perhaps thats one of disadvantages of hitting 70 yrs?

 henwardian 12 Dec 2020
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I use Campton Insurance Brokers. I can't remember who the policy is with but it is £350 a year with, I think 12k miles maximum (just went down this year, used to be 15k) but if you need more than that you can ask for a [fancy word for modification to the policy I forgot] which bumps up the premium a little but not that much (I got one for 15k to 20k a couple of years ago). There is also a lot of EU cover, I think 12 months.

Edit: Also was no problem to add commuting to my policy.

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 henwardian 12 Dec 2020
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Further piece of advice - only shop around till it's not worth your time to continue. When your quotes are coming back fairly close to each other, is it worth another entire day of phoning around to save £30?

I'd guess that if it's an expensive VW conversion you might not get quite as low as me and a couple of others on this thread. Always check the max mileage they let you do.

 digby 13 Dec 2020
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I use Caravan Guard and got a much better price than my previous insurers. They also seem genuinely helpful, providing info on all sorts of things, not least how to manage touring abroad from now on. And will automatically provide an annual green card.

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 jezmartin 13 Dec 2020
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I have used Comfort for three years now and find there pricing very competitive. Although not had a  claim I always find there customer service excellent. They are specialists for Campervan / Motorhome insurance and so occasionally email with what I find to be good and useful information information. Pending a claim of course I would give them ten out of ten

 Roberttaylor 13 Dec 2020
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+1 for Brentacre. Really helpful staff; you get through to a human being immediately if you call them. I never needed to claim, but I did cancel my insurance after eight months and it was a breeze. 

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I called up a few places today and ran into a bit of a problem. I'm a tradesman but I don't have a work vehicle.

Basically in the past a lot of tradesmen have tried to insure their work van as a camper to get cheaper insurance, so now they have a blanket charge for someone who wants to insure a campervan without a work vehicle.

Has anyone delt with this and found a good solution?

 Reach>Talent 21 Dec 2020
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We found Adrian Flux were cheap but their exclusions list is frightening, I really hope I don't have to make a claim as the policy is full of holes. They have also attempted to charge us for policy features that were listed as included when we took out the policy. If I had known how much of a pain in the backside they were going to be I wouldn't have used them, unfortunately they were the only company with an open call centre when I needed to get my van insured and because it is a self build (part finished) I couldn't get a quote off the usual suspects websites. 

I ended up having to threaten to involve the regulator when they initially refused to honour the terms of our contract. 

TLDR: Adrian Flux are cheap but awful, avoid.

 SouthernSteve 21 Dec 2020
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Try Direct Line - work and camper van seem OK to them. You will need separate insurance for the contents though.

 Basemetal 21 Dec 2020
In reply to Reach>Talent: > We found Adrian Flux were cheap but their exclusions list is frightening...  Adrian Flux are cheap but awful, avoid.

Aren't Adrian Flux brokers rather than insurers? Agree it's  essential to read the small print/exclusions on any new policy.

 Billhook 21 Dec 2020
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Yes, the're brokers  God knows who is actually insuring our van.  As you say, so many exclusions I'll be using the info on this thread to find an insurer who'll actually allow us to drive it somewhere.

(Basically we can only use it to travel on holiday) 

 keith sanders 22 Dec 2020
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L'V are resonable priced with little restrictions at home or abroad.

keith s

 pass and peak 23 Dec 2020
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I have my camper conversion insured for bussiness use with Adrian Flux (they knew it was my only vehicle so insited, think it's writen on the policy as "Also for use in connection with the policyholder bussiness" so you can get it done but it does bump up the price!

 Billhook 24 Dec 2020
In reply to pass and peak:

Thanks for that bit of info = its just what I needed.  

Have a nice Christmas and New Year on me and Mrs B.

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