/ Climber on Sickle, Sun morn

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Ben Sharp - on 12 Mar 2013
Got a couple of photos of someone making short work of the first pitch of Sickle taken from the first belay on Hadrian's. If it was you then give me a shout and I'll send them over. You had a small blue rucksack on and I think had just abandoned following a couple of slow climbers up Point 5.
neil the weak - on 12 Mar 2013
In reply to Ben Sharp: That was me. I didn't make short work of it though! I stupidly let my hands cool off dithering before getting on it, didn't bother to re-warm them, went numb on the first steep step and made a right flap of it. It all went much better after that happily.
tetley - on 13 Mar 2013
In reply to neil the weak:
Just out of interest, which section did you find the most difficult? Did it a few weeks ago and found one section rather taxing due to quality of ice!
neil the weak - on 13 Mar 2013
In reply to tetley: Um, the start I guess, but mostly because of cold hands making it hard to swing cleanly. All went very quickly after that though I can imagine the pull out of the top of the steep section before the snow fields could be a bit scary without good snow ice above. We had pretty much perfect conditions so probably had it easier than you from the sounds of it though.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.