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Jaymac23 - on 09 Apr 2018

Hi ???? 

has anyone done CMD Arête this week? I have googled the weather, webcams, and will continue to do so until Thursday as this our day to do the route. 

I just wanted to know if anyone can fill me in on the snow conditions? 

The avalance report for today is Moderate.

Any information on the snow conditions would be much apprieciated. 


EuanM - on 09 Apr 2018
Jaymac23 - on 10 Apr 2018
In reply to EuanM:

Thank you Euan.. 

great hep And looks amazing. 

We look forward to Thursday and pictures to follow ????

Belle74 - on 12 Apr 2018
In reply to Jaymac23:

I did the CMD arete on Saturday. It's completely covered in snow that was very loose and fluffy in parts. Prepare to sink a lot and have snow move under foot. Take careful steps on the arete, I slid about 12 meters down part of the arete due to soft snow giving way under my feet, so definitely take your axe. The visibility on that day was very poor but still an amazing day. The bum sliding down the red burn o Ben Nevis is a lot of fun to top off a great route. hopefully when you go the visibility is much better and you get some great photos and scenery.

I did Ben Cruachan horse shoe the day after and that was just as amazing if you're looking for an alternative. 

Jaymac23 - on 13 Apr 2018
In reply to Belle74:

Hi belle

Well done on your 2 sucsessfull accents and I bet the slip was scary..

you were absolutely right about the snow, it was quieter slushy. The wind did not help matters either. However the three off us completed the CMD arête with absolutely amazing views of the North Face. Have a look at my profile pictures for my finest day on the Ben yet. 

Belle74 - on 14 Apr 2018
In reply to Jaymac23:

Thank you, I had a fantastic week up in Scotland. The Carn Mor Dearg arete and Ben Cruachan horseshoe were both amazing topped off with a few days in the Cairngorms where the sky cleared and the sun came out. 

The slip was a bit hairy but I managed to get into a self arrest pretty quick. Unfortunately due to the soft snow I wasn't doing what it said in the text book and I still kept sliding down. In the end I managed to snag my axe on a large rock I bouced off and lived to tell the tale. I still have a huge bruise on my hip and thigh.

All in all, I still had a fantastic week ...

You have some great photos by the way.. 

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