/ Jbel Toubkal - (Jan to March)?

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northcave - on 31 Oct 2011
Has anyone done Jbel Toubkal (Morocco) early in the year. For example Jan - March?

Just curious what the conditions are like and recommended kit. I.e should I even bother packing an axe or rope?
jfmchivall - on 31 Oct 2011
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Only done it in summer conditions, but that time of year is winter in the Atlas and snow and ice are to be expected. I hear it's nice on skis. There's a lot of gully lines and nice ridges to go at as well if you've got time.
In reply to northcave: Might be worth looking at this new guidebook:

Definitely an axe and crampons for the easy route; a rope depends on what else you might be wanting to do
Hannah Appleton - on 31 Oct 2011
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I've done it twice. Dec and January. If you go the usual route then crampons and a walking axe are necessary. Ropes not needed unless you or your partners are tierd on the descent and want some security. Of course this only works if the other of you isn't to tired to hold them!
Set off by 7 and you'll comfortably be down for 1, which leaves enough time for lunch and to head back down to Imlil that day, or sit outside the refugio drinking tea in the sunshine.
I would recomend doing some of the other 4000's there at the same time. Far quieter and can be more fun! And again, walking axe and crampons are sufficient.
northcave - on 01 Nov 2011
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Thanks all!
JdotP - on 01 Nov 2011
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Yes, it is definitely worth taking 2 axes and a rope! There is lots of alpine/ice climbing to do in winter - described in this guidebook
MarvintheMurky on 01 Nov 2011 -
In reply to northcave:
Off there myself in mid-Feb with a group of four. 'Moroccan Atlas, the trekking guide' by Alan Palmer is a decent read but there arnt many texts about.
Flights from Gatwick are currently £103 inc. taxes and luggage to Marrakech on Easyjet.
Our kit list is based on experience of other ranges and internet research only so also welcome others view. We're taking: 4-season sleeping bag (and bivvy in case of dramas), bothy bag shelter (mountain rescue doesnt really exist apparently), walking ice axe and crampons (3 of us are more mountain walkers than technical winter climbers), quality mountain jacket and trousers, belay jacket (i'm going for Paramo torres), Jack Wolfskin Blizzard fleece. Head-tourch is a bit of a must for an early start to reach the summit as the sun rises - assuming theres any visibility at all!
Cant wait.
Feedback really welcome from those who think I've lost it...
Jubjab - on 02 Nov 2011
In reply to northcave: we hiked up Toubkal in the middle of March this year, and the weather was really nice. T-shirt weather to the refuge. For the summit hike a regular windstopper softshell and a windproof hat & gloves together with technical underwear was perfectly good. We slept in the French alpine club refugio, where a normal 3-season bag was more than warm enough. I had a down jacket with me but never unpacked it.

Crampons are needed, but we did not have axes, just one walking pole each.
Jubjab - on 02 Nov 2011
In reply to Jubjab: one more thing, if you are doing the easy route up Toubkal I can't see what you would use a rope for.
SusanKenworthy - on 02 Nov 2011
In reply to northcave: I've been in December, and you would definitely need crampons for the 'tourist' route. Take an axe just in case. I would say that you need warm stuff for the refuges though. One is not heated at all, and the warden of the other is extremely skimpy with the firewood (which you pay for !). on 02 Nov 2011
In reply to northcave: went up 3 weeks ago-cant imagine problems in good weather-its a walk-easy scottish winter-axe cram pons-high though!!

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