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JackM92 - on 06 Feb 2018

Does anyone know what ice conditions are currently like in La Grave?

Blank on 06 Feb 2018
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Not sure about La Grave but very poor down the road here in Le Bourg d'Oisans. Very warm last week and although things have cooled down now its not had time to build.  

andyr - on 06 Feb 2018
climbEdclimb - on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to JackM92:

This can be a good website to see what has been done and what the conditions were like.

Although it's probably best used alongside other info as it's based on whether people log their outings.

(Edit: andyr beat me to it. I second the website recommendation though)!

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Blank on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to andyr:

Wow that site is awesome. Had no idea it existed thanks! 

And confirms what I suspected about La Grave.  

Martin Bennett - on 06 Feb 2018
In reply to JackM92:

We were there for a few days last week. Our 17th annual icefall climbing trip in a row and by far the worst conditions we've seen here or elsewhere.

Scratching around, there was climbing to be had at Alpe d'Huez, being at over 2000 metres, but even that's not in prime condition. In the main valley, above Les Freux, Colere du Ciel was in condition. Others along there looked "a challenge"!

We had a walk along Freissinieres as far as Tete du Gramusat and saw people climbing. Most climbs seemed to be scratching about at the starts with better pitches higher. The noise of tumbling ice from the sunny side of the valley was remarkable.

As we left the valley in the early hours of last Thursday it was snowing and, I believe, set to continue.

What does tell you about Cogne just now? Can you change your plans?

Blank on 07 Feb 2018
In reply to JackM92:

Update: I was inspired by consistently cold conditions to take a drive along to La Grave today to see how stuff is shaping up.  The south side (N facing) around Les Freaux is starting to come in. La Colere du Ciel looks fab, and Le Pylon looks thin but ok. Other routes were harder to see due to mist and also a shed load of snow on easier angled stuff. Stopped to pick up hitch hikers- a guide and his client and he said that those two routes have definitely seen ascents but the other lower grade stuff is still a bit thin but some of the 5s and 6s are also getting there. 

The south facing area is a no go at the moment but it is to stay cold for another week so..... ? Still rubbish down here in Bourg. 

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JackM92 - on 08 Feb 2018
In reply to Snoweider:

Have been at Ceillac and great there, at La Grave now but things are looking pretty awful aside from the routes you mentioned. 

Loads of falling ice and virtually everything on the south side is thawing out very rapidly.

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