/ Lake District Mixed possabilities??

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DannyM - on 28 Feb 2017

Has anybody been up toward Bowfell Buttress in recent days? Langdale seems to have held a bit of snow in places during the mild period recently, and with current cold temps and squally snow showers I wonder if its in any condition for a winter ascent. I havent managed to get into the head of the valley for a look so any info or photos appreciated.
.... or anything in the Lakes for that matter
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LakesWinter on 01 Mar 2017
In reply to DannyM:

Have you seen the great end temperature probe data? Google it, can't do links on this device. It would suggest it needs to be colder for longer. Ps all the snow in the lakes is new, the mild period stripped the lot.
DannyM - on 01 Mar 2017
In reply to LakesWinter:

cheers for that, ill check it out, hadnt heard of it before. Yeah thought i was being optimistic with the snow.
TobyA on 01 Mar 2017
In reply to DannyM:

There is snow up high already, was just looking at pics taken at the ski hut on Raise - they were actually running the tow today it seems (the skiing doesn't look great though). I think there will be plenty of snow by the weekend though, more of a question is will (or where will) the turf be frozen? I climbed on Gable a few weeks back in really excellent conditions for mixed - well frozen and very hoared up. That day the new sensor at Great End still had the turf there as not frozen, so I wouldn't completely write off the chance of turf freezing even if the sensor suggests it isn't there. How exposed to the wind it is seems to be important too.

Have you got a partner lined up for the weekend Danny?
DannyM - on 01 Mar 2017
In reply to TobyA:

Just been looking at that the Great End probe, thats a great resource. Yeah the turf doesnt appear to be frozen, there are cold east and northeast winds on the way for Friday and Saturday which may help things, as long as the snow doesnt insulate the turf too much.
Toby Ill know by tomorrow evening if I have a partner for the weekend. Im looking at possibly going to Scotland, depending how chances are looking in the Lakes of finding something in condition.
Dan Arkle - on 02 Mar 2017
In reply to TobyA:

Toby, I'd be keen for a lakes weekend. I'm in Sheff too. Dan 07906xx989xx362
mrphilipoldham - on 02 Mar 2017
In reply to DannyM:

Sorry to hijack.. if conditions are looking positive for Sunday I'd be up for getting out, if anyone needed a partner
TobyA on 02 Mar 2017
In reply to Dan Arkle:

Hi Dan, I can only do a day due to family and work issues. I've been doing it leaving home just after 4 am to get up and ready to walk in by about 7.30 am (including a coffee a loo stop somewhere on route). Then you get a full day to climb. Would you be interested in that? And what sort of routes are you interested in? From a quick look at your profile you look quite a bit better than me, so I might be a bit unambitious if you want to pull hard!

Dan Arkle - on 03 Mar 2017
In reply to TobyA:

Cheers Toby, I think it's a bit far for me for a day trip at the moment. Best wishes, and I hope you get out somewhere.
LakesWinter on 03 Mar 2017
In reply to DannyM:

My honest assessment is that it won't be frozen as there's a thaw coming sat and it's not looking that cold come Sunday....
DSM - on 03 Mar 2017
Update Fri/3rd.

Soloed up Central Gully / Brown Cove Crags in fell shoes while on a run up Helvellyn this afternoon.
Deep and very wet snow in the gully - not recommended! Snow on Helvellyn summit also wet / not frozen @ ~4PM. Very poor visibility so could not see anything else. Needs a proper freeze I think, but I doubt we're going to get one...


wercat on 04 Mar 2017
In reply to DSM:

yesterday there was slush far above Scales Tarn on the path up to Sharp Edge and the snow on the rocks was very wet
Tom the tall on 04 Mar 2017
In reply to DannyM:

Felt very much like spring in Keswick today. Warm and sunny, had a run up Grisedale pike and everything is very soft. Much less snow at end of afternoon than first thing this'll morning, although pissing down now so *may* be snowing on the tops. Not cold though, and soft turf under anything that is there.
More_Than_a_Plod - on 11 Mar 2017
In reply to DannyM:

Was up Great End on 4th. Wet snowy conditions to the top. Turf unfrozen. Still, it was good to stretch the legs at least.

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