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Robin Woodward - on 11 Jan 2018

Seeing a few topics about various ice climbing venues I thought I'd give a shout out to the Lillehammer region of Norway as an alternative to the usuals (Rjukan, Cogne etc.).  A friend and I went in March 2016 for 10 days and had a great time. In 10 days (9 days on and one rest day) the closest we saw to another climber was some harness imprints on the snow, and climbed 2000+ metres of ice in that time.

It's closer to Rjukan in terms of the ice thickness and separation of venues (we drove up to an hour most days but intentionally to explore what was around), but there are many more long routes in much more appealing surroundings. Having said that we did go to two gorges which could rival Krokan for single pitch cragging possibilities (again much more scenic though, despite one being called 'Hell').

We stayed by the lake in Lillehammer in some cabins which weren't too dear, and hired a car from Oslo to drive around. We did several routes over 300+m which seemed to go on forever with great variety and amazing views.

Some of the walk-ins would have benefited from skis or snow shoes, which I would definitely take/hire if I went again. For rest days there's loads of cross country skiing tracks around and we went snow sledding in the old winter Olympic park (reaching over 55 mph on the GPS!).

There's a free .pdf guide to the area in Norwegian which I have a poor attempt at a translation of if anyone is interested, but we got by with it.

Sadly we didn't get a chance to do any of the more remote routes from the mountain huts, but that would definitely be on my hit list if we returned (again you'd really want snow shoes or skis).

I've made my facebook album posted if anyone is interested:

Just thought I'd offer up another option (we organised everything fairly last minute) vicariously as I contemplate our decision to dedicate this winter to skiing.

SturlaS - on 11 Jan 2018
In reply to Robin Woodward:

Here is a link to the latest version of the pdf in norwegian (by Per Tore Granli):


Lots of nice climbing. Jukulkula is a true classic!

indigo on 13 Jan 2018
In reply to Robin Woodward:

I'd be interested in a translation of the guidebook if you have one. Regards Mike

drsdave - on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to Robin Woodward:

Thanks Robin the place sounds great. I’ll look into this. Could you recommend a guide if you know one?

Robin Woodward - on 14 Jan 2018
In reply to indigo:

Hi Mike,

PM me your email and I'll send you a copy of our crude attempt.



If you mean a guide person rather than book then sadly not. I'm sure there must be though. Probably worth emailing the guys who wrote the guide.

Big Lee - on 15 Jan 2018
In reply to indigo:

I climbed quite a bit in this general area last winter as it was better protected from the warm bouts of weather from the SW. Quite a bit on my blog in case it helps anyone:



It's worth clarifying that the above guide isn't strictly a Lillehammer guide, it's a guide to the valleys of Gudbrandsdalen and Espedalen. Lillehammer is the biggest place in Gudbrandsdalen but a lot of the climbing lies to the north. Jukulkula for example is almost two hours away.  Everything is very spread out so would need a bit more planning than eg Rjukan.

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indigo on 02 Feb 2018
In reply to Big Lee:

Hi Lee. We relied heavily on your blog for beta !

Big Lee - on 02 Feb 2018
In reply to indigo:

Glad it was of use! 

PTG - on 14 Feb 2018
In reply to SturlaS:

And here is the latest version (no 5): 

I might translate it one day..

annak on 15 Feb 2018
In reply to PTG:

I could help you out with the translation if you like? It's a fantastic guide, we've climbed up there loads with it.

PTG - on 22 Feb 2018
In reply to annak:

Oh yess please . I will finish the first edit and sendt it to you. It may take some time since the outdoor conditions are excellent these days.

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