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peebles boy - on 03 Mar 2017
Went for a stupid early start this morning and drove up to Braemar and back....and what a great decision that was!! Biked in from Invercauld, walked across the frozen moor to Sandy Loch, enjoyed every minute of Stuic Buttress (but there's no way that's a Grade I), then across the Cac Carn tops. Had a few peers into's snowy! Top 30m of the coire rim is plastered with blown snow, not really corniced just really fat, wouldn't want ot be under it in the next thaw! Any rock in the sun has been stripped, and anything in the shade looks like an unconsolidated powdercrud fest. Black Spout still rocky in the middle. Team on Raeburns by all accounts, would be interested to hear how they got on...

Unfortunately the best snow/ice/turf seems to be sitting below 800m in the area - the walk in and out were pretty solid underfoot, whilst the snow up top was generally unconsolidated, or surface crust.

Cannot believe this is my first proper day out this least it was a stunner!!

Stuart the postie - on 03 Mar 2017
In reply to peebles boy:

How long did it take you to cycle to barn, how was it?

Last Friday we walked in from the car, fresh snow to above boot height, would have had to push bike me thinks. Would certainly save much time on way out.

drew52 - on 03 Mar 2017
In reply to peebles boy:

The conditions were pretty terrible in lochnagar today, we backed off of two routes. It looks good but there is a horrible crust on everything.

peebles boy - on 04 Mar 2017
In reply to Stuart the postie:

Half an hour from Invercauld to teh edge of the forest on the way in. Ten minutes and all downhill on the way out - best end to a big hill day, saved the feet from pounding down the road in big boots!!

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