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smuffy on 20 Sep 2012
Up until about 2 years ago I was was climbing with a regular partner about once a month in Snowdonia, leading severe multi pitch routes locally, leading short routes to HVS, soloing winter grade 2s and generally having no worries. My enthusiasm and motivation is only blocked by my work committment but my recent climbing partners who are very enthusiastic are struggling to work up to my level. I thoroughly enjoy climbing with them but I could really do with hooking up with someone who can push me as opposed to me nuturing and pushing them.
I'm 44, have a static caravan in snowdonia so accomodation always available, I 'm midlands based but free to travel every other weekend and keen as hell to second some harder routes. Winter stuff is my bag, did a trip to Rjukan last year leading WI3, done a couple wkend of courses with Alan Kimber including advanced mountaineering, did a 5 day course in Alps and summited Mont Blanc via Gouter route but now looking for someone to take me to the next level. I have full rack (summer and winter)If you can help please get in touch.
Pyreneenemec - on 20 Sep 2012
In reply to smuffy:

When I reached what I considered a pretty good alpine grade- TD; I found it frustratingly difficult to find a regular climbing partner. The sheer engagement of such routes requires absolute faith in each member of the partnership. Result ? I found ocasional partners for one route,
a week-end or slightly longer period using the net or old methods such as the exercise book at Cham ! No regrets ! No accidents ! A few emotional moments, like the night spent in the Canzio bivvy on the Grand Jorasses traverses when I hoped that dawn would never come ! Well,it did and we eventually got to the Boccalatte hut safe and sound. Just lets say, we didn't keep in touch !

I reckon it's worth finding someone who wishes to progress pretty much as you do and do it together. A good partner is worth his or her weight in gold !

smuffy on 20 Sep 2012
In reply to Pyreneenemec: Sounds like you had some interesting times. Dare I say.........thtas what I'm looking for!

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