/ Petzl Light Hammer for Nomic/Ergo/Quark

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Big Lee - on 26 Nov 2012
I need to get a hammer for one of my Nomics in order to place warthogs, and who knows maybe a peg for the first time in years. Has anybody had any experiences with the Light Hammer tht Petzl produce? Unless there is some sort of functional limitation or durability issue vs the normal hammer then I am tempted to get one.

Ron Walker - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to Big Lee:
I came across this recently though they seem to be very light and made from alloy... Not sure about the durability of alloy for hammering in warthogs and pitons?
Big Lee - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to Ron Walker:

You're right they don't look as durable as the Petzl light weight hammers. Also only 5g lighter and a couple of quid cheaper. Look a bit homemade as well. Thanks for pointing out though.
iksander on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to Big Lee: The prospect of (more easily) missing the target and smacking the neck of the tool was the only thing that put me off a low profile hammer
James Edwards - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to Big Lee:
i use the ones made by cold thistle and got these imported fron the states. My main reason was that the swing and balance was relatively unafected by the addition of the hammer.

What ever you do, unless you are only ever ice climbing and hand place pro, your axes are going to get bashed up; they are tools. That said i do remember feeling forlorn when my first ever pair of tools looked like they had been run over by a truck after a particually chaaracter building mixed route. I made the mistake of selling them when i upgraded to bent shafted piranhas. I'd love to be re-united which my battered straight shafter pulsars - a woman in sheffield in '96 or '97 bought them off me
edinburgh_man on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to Big Lee:

I'd just go for a standard petzl hammer, granted they may be a little heavier but they offer much more protection, and I suspect are much more effective for smacking in pegs etc.

Jeff Mercier, Korra Pesce, Charly Frizter etc all climb their super hard routes with the standard Petzl hammer - if it's good enough for them it'll certainly be good enough for me.
ice.solo - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to Big Lee:

dunno about the light one but have found the regular one makes no real difference to the swing of a nomic (only have a hammer on one tool and dont notice any difference worth worrying about).

that said, i bashed in dozens of pegs/spectres with no hammer at all. dinged up the alu head a bit but not the end of the world (mind you old picks had a raised bit of steel that helped a little).

get whatever. maybe see if dane has any at coldthistle if you have the time to wait for shipping.
Stefan Jacobsen - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to Big Lee:
This guy manufactures a 4 mm hammer for the Nomic:
butteredfrog - on 26 Nov 2012
In reply to Sir Stefan:

You've got to be a good shot to knock owt in with that, without a lot of practice.
Stefan Jacobsen - on 27 Nov 2012
In reply to butteredfrog:
The area on the hammers that you are supposed to hit with is practically the same on both the original Petzl and the CT. I find the curved shaft on modern tools more of a challenge when bashing in stuff.

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