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Gordon - on 03 Feb 2013
Any personally experienced advice appreciated!

So. Got myself a pair of PhantomLites at a great price. Love them. Light, warm, comfy, precise, and the colourscheme is fantastic too. They fit my climbing pons great(old school Camp fully rigid beasts) but when it comes to general mountaineering/easy grade stuff, I have found that there is hardly any front point left showing on my G12's (strap front rather than wire toe bale).
This is because the toe/front of boot on the Phantoms is so skinny - the front of the boot sticks way through the two uprights that the bale is attached to.
Obviously the new school GSB slot thing would resolve this issue, but you'll understand if I don't want to throw another 100quid at a pair of crampons.
So basically looking for anyone who's experienced similar and used crampons that suit better, i.e. ones that 'hold' the boot better so you don't end up with the boot equivalent of an overbite. Armed with this information I can start scouring the web for second hand crampons!!!
And before anyone suggests it, getting myself to a good outdoor shop with a range of crampons to try on my boots with isn't as easy as popping out to the shops. 3hour round trip to the nearest decent store...

Hope this makes sense! Any personally gained advice appreciated!
Paul035 on 03 Feb 2013 -
ox - on 03 Feb 2013
In reply to Gordon: I have the Jorasses pro gtx and found the same thing with my old g12s the narrow part of the boot goes too far forward leaving little front point.I just got i new pair of g12s they must be made different as the front bail fits fine.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.