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Gingerlings - on 04 Jan 2018
I am going to the Tatra in March with some friends to do some mountaineering so currently we are trying to find information about routes.
We are staying at Hala G?sienicowa so are looking for info about the routes in that area, icey gullys or easy summits scrambles.
Any info about books or websites would be really helpful.
Babika - on 04 Jan 2018
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I used a small guidebook Vysoke Tatry Horolezecky sprievodca by Galfy and Luczy. It has topos of rock routes and alpine type scrambly routes in the Vysoke Tatry.

Only been there in the summer but its a lovely place - enjoy.
Gingerlings - on 05 Jan 2018
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I just googled that book, is it for the Slovak side of the Tatry only?
Babika - on 06 Jan 2018
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But that is the best side IMHO. All the best Tatry and the highest summits are on the SVK side. As well as some lovely huts and walks.
Simon80 - on 11 Jan 2018
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If you’re staying at Hala Gasienicowa, there is a Polish Mountaineering Association training hut there, called Betlejemka, I’m sure they will be able to advise on routes, conditions etc. Guidebooks available in Polish but not sure this would be of help. Polish High Tatras are relatively small so you can easily cross to Dolina Pieciu Stawow valley(through Zawrat col) and Morskie Oko for more choice of routes. If you’re looking for purely ice climbing, Dolina Bialej Wody valley is the place to go.

Some good easy routes on Orla Perc ridge and on Swinica (peak) in Dolina Gasienicowa.

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matus - on 11 Jan 2018
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a lot of inflammations here:

Stuart en Écosse - on 11 Jan 2018
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I haven't been but I spent some time with a bunch of Polish climbers in Scotland years ago and they talked about "grass climbing" which was basically turf climbing. They showed me some photos and the routes looked long and very steep, following thick turf filled runnels. Some of their photos didn't even look wintery; the grass and turf and underlying soil were frozen solid but there was no snow and hardly any frost. They were keen to exchange titanium screws for warthogs as they reckoned they'd be the business on the "grass." 

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flo1 - on 15 Jan 2018
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There are no ice routes around Hala Gasienicowa except one small ice fall. There are plenty of mixed routes, though, and they are great! I spent half a week there last year, and also did a few climbs at Morskie Oko 2-3 years ago. I really enjoyed the Tatras and can only recommend them.

Route information can be found at You also might want to contact Christian Beck for advice (registered user at ukclimbing). He is English and has been living and climbing in Zakopane for several years. 

Good luck!


Rich W Parker - on 16 Jan 2018
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Defo the bigger portion of the Tatry on the Slovak side.

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