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jonnie3430 - on 05 May 2014

I've been playing with ideas for a bit. This is the first version you hook your way up the loops, then hook the holes drilled in the wood (eight of them,) feet on or off with fig 4's if you can, and you get a fair pump from it as there is over 20 moves if you go up and down.

Since, I've seen that a lot of moves on dry tooling are about pulling up, locking off on one arm as high as you can then reaching high. Originally I had a loop of rope for one arm training and found that the grip is similar to a leashless axe, so added the two long ropes you see here. From a sit start with feet out, you can grip just above the knots (the knot acts as the horn of an axe,) pull up, lock off and reach high; grip and repeat. You can go feet free if you are strong enough (I'm not,) I have thought of using self amalgamating tape or finger tape to make better grips, but have found them good enough without. It's good for those that can only put up a pull up bar.
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jonnie3430 - on 06 May 2014
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Also, having a pull up bar somewhere well trafficed is better than in a cupboard, try to body lever everytime you go through makes for a strong core...

11mm rope is best for grip on the big loops in the second picture.
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