/ Spacers for BD Bionic Crampon - possible to buy or make?

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ecotom - on 07 Feb 2011

I have a pair of BD Bionic crampons that I want to convert to monopoint but I dont have the spacer kit for it. So far I have drawn a blank in finding somewhere that sells them. Does anyone know if you can still buy them? If not, are spacers easy to make? Do they need to be of a specific material or would stainless steel washers do the job?


stuart58 - on 07 Feb 2011
GIn reply to ecotom: Hi I bought a pair of bipnics off here and found it hard tp get a set I was lucky, I have a set brand new that I got for a pair of rambo 3 these migjt do u u can have them for five plus stuart

AdrianC - on 07 Feb 2011
In reply to ecotom: Just checked my old bionic spacers against the spacers that came with my new cyborgs. They appear to be the same diameter but the lengths are different. You could sort that with a hacksaw and a file. Not sure where you can get a set of cyborg spacers but someone here might have some...
Edvin m on 07 Feb 2011
In reply to ecotom: I have never seen nor used a Bionic crampon but I recently converted my old Grivel Rambo's to monopints, I simply cut the normal spacer in two and to add some space from the missing frontpoint I simply added a nut. I also needed to fabricate a whole new rod and washers for last attachmentpoint since it normaly used two short screws. For that one I simply took a threaded rod, sawed it of in the correct length and then used one nut on each side of everypiece of metal it was threaded through to keep it in place. and to stiffen everything up
ecotom - on 08 Feb 2011
In reply to ecotom:

Thanks for the advice everyone. I think I can convert them using the method suggested by Edvin M. At the moment the points are mounted outside the frame and so the spacer inside is actually too large if a single point were to be mounted inside the frame. So I think all I need to do is remove the correct amount of Spacer to allow a single point to be mounted and I can use them with monopoints.

Out of interest, has anyone else found it difficult to get the secondary points in contact with the ice? SOme reviews have suggeted this,but said they are very good for mixed. So maybe that is how I will use them.



This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.