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Guy Chater on 21 Dec 2013
Hi all,

Looking to do a bit of winter mountaineering in the lakes over crimbo period. I'm relatively new to the winter mountaineering scene, having previously done 2weeks in Scotland last year and a winter skills course with competent climbing partners. I'm undertaking this trip solo as I'm with family who aren't particularly into mountaineering.

What steady and exciting routes can people recommend for me to cut my teeth on? I'm relatively geographically unfamiliar with the lakes, having done most of my playing in North Wales.

Many Thanks
Mountain Llama on 21 Dec 2013
Rog Wilko on 21 Dec 2013
In reply to Guy Chater:

I doesn't take long to discover that PLANNING winter climbing in the Lakes is largely a waste of time! It isn't likely to be doing anything useful weather-wise over the foreseeable future I'm afraid.
Might be a sprinkling of snow to make it look pretty but it would be surprising if there were to be anything remotely like winter climbing conditions. Having said that, there's so much water about that if there were a sudden cold snap there would be masses of ice! Dream on...
I see you're a relative novice looking at soloing. If there is snow the best things you could go for would be the Striding Edge/Swirral Edge circuit and Jack's Rake.

This topic has been archived, and won't accept reply postings.