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Staying hydrated can mean the difference between an average day and an unforgettable day and this is the reason why we developed the original collapsible, taste- and BPA-free hydration systems—for people living life to its fullest. Our complete line of reservoirs, bottles, water filters and accessories are performance-tested to ensure the highest quality, offering exceptional versatility and the rare opportunity to Taste Freedom.

We are proud of the fact that we make the majority of our hydration solutions in the U.S.A. & Ireland in our own factories. Because we believe in what we make, and making it right, we have our own certified, world-class water laboratory, which enables us to research, develop, and test technologies so that you can have safe, effective, and dependable hydration and filtration options that meet your needs.


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Platypus Quickdraw Microfilter

This Spring, water filtration brand Platypus launched their Quickdraw MicroFilter System. Complete with an easy-to-use microfilter and collection reservoir, the Quickdraw is the perfect pocket-sized solution for both regulars to the out...

Final Spring / Summer '21 Gear Roundup

In the final roundup of new gear for spring/summer 2021, we've got an eclectic mix of packs, headtorches, water purifiers, clothing treatments and more - all in shops near you now.

Platypus® Evolves Pump-Free, Gravity-Powered Water Filtratio

Platypus takes the hassle out of getting clean water on any journey with the GravityWorks 2.0L Filter System, bringing the speed of gravity filtration to a compact and ultralight system, perfect for solo adventurers and small groups.

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