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by Stefan Glowacz Sun set when Uwe and I reached the summit plateau of El Cap tired and exhausted, after climbing the "West Face" in only one day. Our feet were burning like hell in the way too tight climbing shoes we were wearing. And then it came upon on us, like a flash, like a vision. We saw a pair of shoes. A shoe that fit so perfect and so customized that even after twenty hard core pitches, or after half a day of bouldering, nothing hurts and climbing still is nothing but fun. The vision disappeared, but after this enlightenment, we knew that something had to happen. At this time Uwe and I were trying to distribute a Spanish climbing shoe brand in Germany, but over and over again we had to drown our frustration about late delivery and unsatisfied customers in gallons of Rioja red vine. It was on one of these nights, sitting in Uwe's apartment drinking and listening to loud Red Hot Chili Peppers music, when we had our vision again. "Why don't we fu**in' start manufacturing our own fu**in' climbing shoes? Who knows better than a climber what a climber really needs? You are a sales genius and I know how to develop and to build rock footwear." We began writing this vision down and after waking up the next morning the first thing we saw on this red wine soaked piece of paper, were two words – Red Chili. We knew what we had to do. Two years later the first pair of Red Chili rock shoes hit the stores. We were as proud as could be and still are. In a pretty short time, the Red Chili brand established itself as one of the leading climbing shoe manufacturers worldwide. Uwe still is the "marketing and sales force" behind everything that we are doing, whereas I am the front man and the master mind in developing and researching new products. Meanwhile, Red Chili exists over 20 years. We have gained loads of experience in all respects and are more motivated than ever to build the most perfect rock climbing shoe in the whole wild world. Who else than we, the climbers, could do this job any better? Rock'n'Roll'n'Rock

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GROUP TEST: Performance Rock Shoes

Performance Rock Shoes

'Performance' is a huge category, so with UK sport climbing in mind we've narrowed the focus of this review to down-turned, supportive shoes with a good edge. How did they all do?

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All Day Rock Shoes

Rock shoes are one of the most important pieces of climbing equipment you will ever buy. So to help you make the choice... We've tested nine pairs of comfortable shoes on lower grade routes.

Red Chili Habanero VCR Rock Shoes

Charlie Boscoe reviews the VCR version of the Red Chili Habanero. "As soon as the Habaneros emerged from their packaging, it was obvious Red Chili's claim there would be 'out of the box' performance was going to be spot on..."

'All Rounder' Rock Shoes

"I took them all out together in a sort of shoe orgy and became an Imelda Marcos figure at the local crag," explains Sarah Flint, "wearing a succession of different shoes – by which I mean different shoes on each foot (as well as the normal way of course). And what did I...

Red Chili Habanero Lace Up Rock Shoes

"The new Habanero, designed by Marcus Bock of Frankenjura fame, is a very different beast from Chili's original model of the same...

Red Chilli Corona VCR Rock Shoes

Jon Ratcliffe reviews the Red Chilli Corona VCR Rock Shoe. Video edited by Ray Saunders.

Red Chili Matador Rockshoe

"And so a couple of months ago arrived a pair of Red Chilli Matador's. They have been designed by Stefan Glowacz along with Red Chili's...

Red Chili Spirit Lady VCR - Impact Zone

Stylish, sporty and technical, Red Chili's first women's specific shoe looks and feels the business... That's what Red Chili say. ...

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SHOW REPORT: OutDoor 2018 - Rock Shoes and Footwear

OutDoor 2018 - Rock Shoes and Footwear

The UKC/UKH team have just returned from the final OutDoor show at Friedrichshafen. We saw hundreds of innovative, colourful and exciting new products and in this roundup you can see some of the best products in the rock shoes and footwear category:

Red Chili Climbing Shoe Range

After the success of our recent competition that gave 3 lucky climbers the chance to win either the Voltage, Fusion VCR or the Charger we thought it would be a good idea to give everyone a chance to see some more shoes from our extensive range. All our...

ISPO 2018 - Final Report

The UKC team recently returned from the annual gear-fest in Munich: ISPO 2018. Here are some video interviews with brand representatives, who talked us through the key features of their latest creations.

Red Chili Returns to the UK

Red Chili rock shoes are making a comeback in the UK this season. For over 20 years founders Stefan Glowacz and Uwe Hofstädter...

Wild Country sponsor the GB Para Climbing team

Wild Country will be supporting the BMC GB Para Climbing team in 2014. Following our involvement with one of the team...

OutDoor 2013 - Rock Shoe Report

Mid-July saw the huge OutDoor Tradeshow descend upon the town of Friedrichshafen in Germany. This is the event of the year for European...

OutDoor 2012 Report: Rock Shoes and Footwear

Lots of new shoes in this video report, from rock boots to mountain boots, with a few funky approach shoes in the middle. I...


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WINNERSWin 1 of 3 pairs of Red Chili climbing shoes!

Competition WINNERSWin 1 of 3 pairs of Red Chili climbing shoes!

Your chance to be part of the legacy of Red Chili with the chance to win either the Voltage, the Fusion VCR or the Charger.

Competition WINNERSWin Red Chili Rock Shoes & Bouldering Gear

Red Chili rock shoes are about to make a comeback in the UK, and we've teamed up with UKClimbing to offer two lucky climbers the chance to win a pair of performance rock shoes, a boulder bag, brush and chalk worth over £135.

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