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by Stefan Glowacz Sun set when Uwe and I reached the summit plateau of El Cap tired and exhausted, after climbing the "West Face" in only one day. Our feet were burning like hell in the way too tight climbing shoes we were wearing. And then it came upon on us, like a flash, like a vision. We saw a pair of shoes. A shoe that fit so perfect and so customized that even after twenty hard core pitches, or after half a day of bouldering, nothing hurts and climbing still is nothing but fun. The vision disappeared, but after this enlightenment, we knew that something had to happen. At this time Uwe and I were trying to distribute a Spanish climbing shoe brand in Germany, but over and over again we had to drown our frustration about late delivery and unsatisfied customers in gallons of Rioja red vine. It was on one of these nights, sitting in Uwe's apartment drinking and listening to loud Red Hot Chili Peppers music, when we had our vision again. "Why don't we fu**in' start manufacturing our own fu**in' climbing shoes? Who knows better than a climber what a climber really needs? You are a sales genius and I know how to develop and to build rock footwear." We began writing this vision down and after waking up the next morning the first thing we saw on this red wine soaked piece of paper, were two words – Red Chili. We knew what we had to do. Two years later the first pair of Red Chili rock shoes hit the stores. We were as proud as could be and still are. In a pretty short time, the Red Chili brand established itself as one of the leading climbing shoe manufacturers worldwide. Uwe still is the "marketing and sales force" behind everything that we are doing, whereas I am the front man and the master mind in developing and researching new products. Meanwhile, Red Chili exists over 20 years. We have gained loads of experience in all respects and are more motivated than ever to build the most perfect rock climbing shoe in the whole wild world. Who else than we, the climbers, could do this job any better? Rock'n'Roll'n'Rock

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Red Chili Sensor - sensitivity, at the cost of visibility

For indoor bouldering this soft and super-sensitive shoe has a lot going for it, says Rob Greenwood; but it's seriously let down by an issue that many climbers may never even have considered before. 

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Red Chili Mystix

Alan James takes a look at the new Red Chili Mystix. An indoor bouldering shoe as claimed, or an outdoor precision tool for steep sport and trad - which is it?

Comfy All-Day Rock Shoes

For beginners taking their first steps on the rock, or more experienced climbers looking for a foot-friendly rock shoe for long routes and lower-grade days, a flatter and more neutral model may be preferable to the toe-cramping asymmetry of a downturned...

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In this group test we compare nine pairs of performance shoes with a women's / low volume fit. How did they all do...?

Red Chili Voltage

The new and improved Voltage is unrecognisable from its predecessor, which is probably a good thing, says Rob Greenwood. We think it's a...

Performance Rock Shoes

'Performance' is a huge category, so with UK sport climbing in mind we've narrowed the focus of this review to down-turned, supportive...

All Day Rock Shoes

Rock shoes are one of the most important pieces of climbing equipment you will ever buy. So to help you make the...

Red Chili Habanero VCR Rock Shoes

Charlie Boscoe reviews the VCR version of the Red Chili Habanero. "As soon as the Habaneros emerged from their packaging, it...

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25 Years of Red Chili

This year marks over 25 years since the Red Chili brand came into existence. Like a lot of great ideas the brand came about after a long day of climbing and a few too many glasses of wine.   

New climbing shoes from Red Chili: from top-end bouldering to multipitch trad

Red Chili have some exciting new models for 2022. From top-end bouldering to multipitch trad, we have something for every style and every climber.

New Climbing Gear Autumn / Winter 2021

For the past couple of months, we've been finding out about all the shiny new gear that's hitting the shops this Autumn/Winter. We've taken a look at everything from the latest harnesses and helmets, to new rock shoes and cool cams. Take a peak:

Red Chili Round-up - Magnet, Spirit, Knee Pads and Jamming Gloves

Red Chili have released a number of new products throughout 2021, but here's a...

New Climbing Gear Spring / Summer '21

Next up in our Spotlight gear round-ups is climbing gear. We've chatted with brands about the...

New Footwear Spring / Summer '21

In the absence of any trade show this year, we've created our own. Normally, shows tend to focus on products...

Red Chili Voltage in action

Red Chili UK athlete Mick Lovatt has been hard at work this year, putting some of our top models through their paces. We've...


Articles featuring this brand

Competition Win a pair of Red Chili Sensors

The Sensor, as the name would suggest, is our most sensitive shoe to date. To be in with a chance of winning, have a read about the shoe below and answer the simple question.

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Sensors from Red Chili

A new addition to the Red Chili range for 2023! The Sensor, as the name would suggest, is our most sensitive shoe to date. The combination of a minimalistic midsole, high asymmetry and a powerful downturn means the Sensor excells at any...

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Red Chili Mystixs

The Mystix is a high-end climbing shoe with a powerful downturn for steep overhanging routes in the climbing gym and at the crag. Built on an aggressive and pointed last, the shoe allows for very precise footwork on both vertical and overhanging...

Competition WINNER - Win a pair of Red Chili Voltage or Ventic Air

Red Chili are giving two lucky climbers a chance to win a pair of either the Voltage or Ventic Air....

Competition WINNERS - Win 1 of 3 pairs of Red Chili climbing shoes!

Your chance to be part of the legacy of Red Chili with the chance to win either the Voltage, the...

Competition WINNERS - Win Red Chili Rock Shoes & Bouldering Gear

Red Chili rock shoes are about to make a comeback in the UK, and we've teamed up with UKClimbing to...

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