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SMC Outer Hebrides Guidebook Review  © UKC Gear

The SMC Guide to the Outer Hebrides

There are few places more special in this world than the Outer Hebrides, but can the SMC's latest guidebook do the area justice? Rob Greenwood takes a look...

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SMC scrambles guide montage  © Dan Bailey

Highland Scrambles South

A decade after its predecessor was published, this follow-up to the SMC's classic Highland Scrambles North has finally hit the shelves. Dan Bailey takes it for a test run.

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SMC The Outer Hebrides Sample Page  © SMC

Scottish Mountaineering Club guide to The Outer Hebrides

For the first time in recent history, the jewel of Scottish (possibly even British!) sea cliff climbing gets the SMC comprehensive guidebook treatment. Written by the activists themselves, this guide provides the go-to resource for climbing in the...

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