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Group Test Rope Bags MOntage  © UKC gear

Dedicated Rope Bags

Most climbers own a rope bag, but few take much trouble in choosing one. Considering how much use you'll get out of it, however, a little extra thought could prove worthwhile. We compare 11 current models.

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Climbing Technology Click-up in action  © UKC Gear

Assisted-braking Belay Devices

A video review of 5 of the current range of assisted braking belay devices. Featuring Alan James and and Mark Glaister and filmed by Dominic Green of Weekday Productions at the Edge Climbing Centre.

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Vergo  © Trango

Trango Vergo

The Vergo emphasizes ergonomics and human-device interaction to deliver exceptionally safe performance. Clear physical and visual indicators reaffirm correct usage, and the geometry reduces the likelihood of misuse. There is never a need to overri...

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