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LV shoes group test  © UKC Gear

Performance Rock Shoes - Women's/LV Fit

In this group test we compare nine pairs of performance shoes with a women's / low volume fit. How did they all do...?

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The UP Lace Heel being tested at Griff's Buttress  © Rob Greenwood - UKC

Unparallel Lace, Sirius and Regulus

Unparallel are the new kids on the climbing shoe block, but with a long pedigree behind them they are already gaining quite a reputation. We trial three models from the range.

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OutDoor 2019 - Footwear  © UKC

OutDoor 2019 - New Climbing Shoes and Footwear

We're just back from the annual summer gear-fest that is the OutDoor trade show. As Europe sweltered in the heat the world's outdoor industry gathered in Munich to network, drink beer and showcase their shiny new stuff. For us it's a great opportu...


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Competition WINNERS - Win 1 of 3 pairs of Unparallel Climbing Shoes!

Unparallel is one of the most exciting climbing shoe brands products to land on the feet of climbers around the world in the last few years. These hand-built shoes are produced at the Californian factory over in Redlands, USA, where innovation and...

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