Primus EtaPackLiteTM stove

With the introduction of the EtaPower!-stove series in 2007, PRIMUS of Sweden accomplished an increase in efficiency from the usual 40 to 50 % up to an incredible 80 %!

Primus EtaPackLite packed, 205 kb
Primus EtaPackLite packed
© Primus

The new EtaPackLiteTM stove is part of the “Total Weight Concept”, which is pushing efficiency rates to unprecedented levels – the Greek letter “Eta” stands for !efficiency rate". It is not a question of “how fast the water will boil”, but underlines Primus" approach to save fuel, weight and pack volume. What really matters is the total weight: how useful is a powerful stove if you have to carry twice as much fuel? And of course, burning less gas means less environmental impact and less costs for the user.

With the new EtaPackLiteTM, Primus is now introducing the perfect integrated cooking system for two people. The unit consists of a base plate with the burner and piezo igniter, a windscreen with adjustable width, a 1.2 litre pot with a durable, non-stick Titanium coating and a heat exchanger on the bottom, an inner pot made from hygienic Polypropylene, a lid that can also be used as a colander, plus a Polypropylene cover that protects the heat exchanger during transport and can also be used as a plate. All components fit neatly into the pot, leaving sufficient room for a 100 gram LP gas cartridge.

EtaPackLite, 54 kb
© Primus


  • Fuel type: LP gas
  • Weight / Size: 596 g / 170 x 125 mm
  • Power / Cooking time 2000 Watt / 2.5 min
  • Suggested retail price: £75

For further information please visit the Primus website.

Primus is a Swedish company and one of the world"s leading manufacturers of cooking, lighting and heating products. We develop, manufacture and market our own products. More than 90 % of the products are exported to almost 80 countries worldwide. Already founded in 1892 Primus products are known for highest quality and reliability. They have been used by many explorers, such as Amundsen, Andree, Hillary, and many others. Our trademark Primus® is well known around the world.

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