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Brand new for this Spring, Sea to Summit have launched the X-Seal & Go Series. Sea to Summit already have a wide range of collapsible cookwear on the market and the X-Seal & Go joins this range as a collapislbe food container which has airtight seals.

X-Seal and Go lifestyle, 136 kb

Constructed using fleixble food grade silicone, the X-Seal & Go is light, compact and durable. The Seal & Go range featured threaded lids which are easy to operate and lock tight, which provides peace of mind against spillage. There are four different sizes available which means there is a pot suitable for everyone, whether you're taking your lunch to the office or taking a snack out hiking.

Key Specifications:

Tiny Pack Size: The 600ml container collapses to just 18mm high to save space in your bag

Quick Close Lids: Airtight sealable lid designed to quickly lock into place with a simple quarter turn

Easy Clean Thread: 3 Individual threads making cleaning much simpler

Ergonomic Design: Cleverly designed lids and base have ergonomic grips for easy twisting

Sizes available:

X-Seal & Go Small

X-Seal and Go small, 43 kb

  • Perfect for: Snacks like nuts, berries or small portion of soup
  • Extremely compact, folds down to 17mm
  • Fits inside the lid of the X-Seal & Go Large to make up a lunch kit
  • Volume: 215ml
  • RRP £13

X-Seal & Go Medium

X-Seal and Go medium, 43 kb

  • Perfect for: Snacks, soups or cereals for breakfast
  • Folds down to 17mm
  • Fits inside the lid of the X-Seal & Go XL
  • Volume: 415ml
  • RRP £14

X-Seal & Go Large

X-Seal and Go large, 77 kb

  • Perfect for: Taking prepared ingredients or meals such as pasta into the outdoors, or for carrying your lunch to work.
  • Folds down to 18mm
  • Volume: 600ml
  • RRP £17

X-Seal & Go XL

X-Seal and Go XL, 68 kb

  • Perfect for: Taking prepared meals or salads out walking or camping, or for taking a bigger lunch to work!
  • Folds down to 26mm
  • Volume: 850ml
  • RRP £19

For more information visit Sea to Summit
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