Petzl CORE - The Rechargeable Battery Video

Petzl introduces the CORE: the rechargeable battery for the TIKKA2 / ZIPKA2 line of headlamps! The goal: more light and less environmental impact!

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The new Petzl Core

After introducing the TIKKA2 / ZIPKA2 line, Petzl, inventor of the 
headlamp, focused on its energy source in order to reduce both 
environmental impact and cost, and to offer an adapted, simple, and 
universal product to users. This is how the CORE battery was born. 
The CORE battery is the equivalent of 900 regular batteries! With 
less weight and better performance than alkaline batteries, the CORE 
adapts to the entire TIKKA2¨/ ZIPKA2¨line with its universal charger.

The headlamp is a product used by everyone on the move. Travelers, campers, mountaineers, hikers, 
climbers, trail runners - in short, it is most used by those who love the outdoors, sport and travel!

The CORE battery is easily inserted into the headlamp instead of three regular batteries. By replacing 
standard batteries, the CORE helps limit toxic waste when the headlamp is used regularly or 
The Lithium Ion Polymer technology guarantees a lifetime equivalent to 300 charging cycles, or the 
equivalent of 900 Alkaline AAA/LR03 batteries.
 Apart from the environmental aspect (non-rechargeable batteries have a significant negative effect on 
the planet), the CORE battery has many other advantages:


More economical: it is the price of seven sets of regular batteries and lasts much longer


14 % lighter than standard batteries!


Universal charger: the standard USB connection provided with the CORE allows charging from any 
of multiple energy sources: computer, wall charger, car cigarette lighter and, for the nomads, solar 
charger or reserve energy source. No need for a specific charger.
This set-up can be completed with an optional kit of standard USB wall and car adapters.


Better performance: improved light performance at low temperatures due to Lithium Ion Polymer 

Once the CORE is connected to the computer, the "OS by Petzl" software, which is available for easy 
download, allows the burn time or lighting level to be personalized with a few simple 

Technical information

  • Compatible with TIKKINA2, TIKKA2, ZIPKA2, TIKKA PLUS2, ZIPKA PLUS2 and TIKKA XP2 headlamps.
  • Recharge time: 3 hours.
  • Number of charging cycles: approximately 300.
  • Weight: 30g
  • Exclusive mounting system allows the battery to be integrated directly into the TIKKA2 - ZIPKA2 line of headlamps.
  • Excellent performance at low temperatures, thanks to Lithium Ion Polymer technology.
  • Battery charge indicator lights during use and when charging.
  • OS by Petzl software personalizes the functioning of the headlamp according to the needs or the type of activity. This software is used to adjust the burn time or the light output (in maximum or economic mode) depending on need. It is also used to determine the type of lighting: when regulated, the light intensity remains constant during use; unregulated, it diminishes progressively to optimize battery life.

The OS by Petzl software, which is available for easy 
download, allows the burn time or lighting level to be personalized with a few simple 
Petzl Core3, 44 kb

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