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Silva's new Free head torches create a new concept: modularity. Buy one of the Free models, then swop different light units and batteries around to create the perfect set-up for your activity. 

There are three light units: 1,200 lumens, 2,000 lumens and 3,000 lumens. Silva has packed huge LED performance into these compact light heads, with particular attention being given to cooling; the aluminium construction acts as a heat sink with cooling flanges enabling air flow even when stationary. This allows Silva to extract maximum power from a minimal light unit. Linked via a cord-free headband, you can then match these with four batteries spanning 2 Ah (14.4Wh) to 10 Ah (72 Wh) output. 

Each head torch has three brightness levels, delivered via Silva Intelligent Light® a combination of long-reach spotlight and close-in flood light, plus there's a red safety light on the rear unit.

Light units and batteries swop easily via a click system on the headband; there's a 130cm extension cable if you want to carry the battery in a pack or pocket, plus handlebar/helmet/GoPro mounts are available as accessories. All units are water resistant, meeting IPX5 standard.

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Have always been impressed with Silva ever since my brother worked for them. Exceptional light quality. I hadn't noticed how yellow BD and Petzl where until I used one.

26 Sep

Cool idea for sure, but the battery life for head use leaves much to be desired no?

For sure, but (I know you'd never guess) I'm not a runner and the times I use a head torch are limited to dog walking, exiting Scottish crags in the winter and bouldering in the dark. Most of these activities are 4 hours or less so ye, battery life has never been my biggest deciding factor in buying a head torch tbh.

Perhaps if I was planning a multi day trip etc I would think about it more it's never crossed my mine!!

26 Sep

£400 for 4 hours battery life whether it's white or yellow light, who give a fu*k at those prices!!!

27 Sep

For any hiking or climbing purposes you wouldn't need to be running it at 1200 lumens for more than a few seconds at a time. That four hours is only relevant if you're using it for things like downhill mountain biking or search & rescue.

The specs are actually quite impressive. The 24.1 Wh battery version weighs in about the same as my Zebralight with an 18650 battery, and has about double the battery capacity (quick back of an envelope calculation). That's enough for days of normal hill use at sensible one or two hundred lumen light levels.

The price is quite impressive too though.

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