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SkyeHigh #1

The SkyeHighs are the most technical bag we have made yet, with side baffles providing two benefits. Firstly they give shape to the bag, preventing the down from being compressed as it tries to shape around your body. Secondly the baffle sizes are smaller meaning there is less possibility of cold spots forming. To prevent the zip compressing any part of the bag the full length zip runs along the bottom of the side baffle before rising up to the hood.

SH400. +3. £65 Nice if it's a bit chilly, but you prefer your ice in your tea. Designed for the fair weather camper who may sleep under canvas in the spring and autumn but only if the weather forecast is favourable, you would be uncomfortable in this bag if there is a likely hood of frost in the morning.

SH600. -5. £80 Explore spring and autumn without the bulk of a synthetic, this bag is designed as an all round 3 season sleeping bag, but if you're looking to go to Scotland in the winter look at our SH800 or PD1000. This bag will be fine for most year round use and should keep you toasty if Jack Frost blows his lungs over the countryside.

SH800. -10ºC. £90 A real UK four season bag for the experienced user, designed for people who may have owned a heavy synthetic bag and are looking to lighten the load. You are happy to accept the risks of a bivi in a Scottish winter where temperatures may be cooler than -10ºC and accept you may get chilly, especially if you are tired and hungry.

SH1000. -16ºC. £110 For budding alpine stars and winter aficionados. Perhaps off on a trip of a lifetime to Africa or Asia, you might not be carrying the bag and although you may be an active outdoor enthusiast you have rarely, if ever slept in sub zero temperatures. This bag should help to keep you safe down to -20ºC, temperatures not uncommon in the high altitude regions of the world. However bear in mind -20ºC in the Himalaya on an organised trek can in no way be compared to the damp Scottish cold.

  • Weight:SH400 1016gms, SH600 1215gms, SH800 1435gms, SH1000 1680gms
  • Fill Power:90/10 650+ White Goose Down
  • AK Comfort:SH400 +3º, SH600 -5º, SH800 -10º, SH1000 -16º
  • Outer:Micro ripstop DWR nylon
  • Inner:300l Tactel nylon
  • Size:210 x 80 cm
  • Pack Size: SH400 21 x 23cm, SH600 23 x 25cm, SH800 25 x 27cm, SH1000 28 x 30cm

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