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© Samaya® / Marc Daviet

The most exclusive tent ranges are now available in the UK from March 10th, 2021.

Samaya® places excellence and innovation at the heart of its development in order to offer high-performance objects that invite you to reconnect with the essential. By combining style and technicality, Samaya® gives life to objects with a strong emotional and affective charge.

ASSAULT2 8K  © Samaya® / Marc Daviet
© Samaya® / Marc Daviet

Tents designed for high mountain expeditions...

Samaya® develops tools to meet the requirements of mountaineering and expeditions in extreme conditions, whether at high altitude or in polar regions. Samaya® designs its products in Annecy, FR, tests them in Chamonix and on the highest Himalayan peaks before offering them to enthusiast users around the world.

... but also bivouac tents for all your itinerant outings.

According to the time-honored expression of "who can do more can do less", Samaya® designs its products with versatility to accompany you in all your adventures. Making no compromise between comfort, lightness and performance, Samaya® thinks in a sustainable way to offer tools whose performance and finishes are the result of a unique know-how.

Designing and creating - with passion and commitment - tools whose elegance contrasts with the radicality of their function has become the signature of Samaya®.

Samaya® 2021 ranges 

Three Ranges - Three Challenges

Rich in feedback from Samaya® athletes, each product is the result of a long development process in which every detail counts.

Alpine Range

The ALPINE range accompanies mountaineers' ropes in all seasons in the prestigious classics of the Alps. It is perfectly suited for those who do not wish to make any compromise between lightness, comfort and performance.

SAMAYA 2.5  © Samaya® / Marc Daviet
© Samaya® / Marc Daviet

Samaya® has specifically developed the Nanovent® membrane for the ALPINE range in order to maximize its technical performance. Designed to optimize a duality between summer and winter, these light and compact 4-season tents are proposed for all of those who wish to benefit from a comfortable tent that can be used all year round and in all conditions. Developed for mountaineers, the ALPINE range can thus count on its innovative technical specificities to adapt to different practices (trekking, itinerant biking, etc.) and accompany you in all your adventures. The products of the ALPINE range guarantee a unique and intense bivouac experience in all circumstances.

8K Range

The 8K range is designed for base camps and very high altitude. Shaped to withstand the worst conditions, its structure and single walls meet extremely demanding specifications that require lightness and protection when the tent is a survival tool.

BASECAMP 8K  © Samaya® / Marc Daviet
© Samaya® / Marc Daviet

Samaya® relies on its leading position in 4-season technical tents to offer a range dedicated to practices in extreme conditions. The 8K range offers to its users an exceptional level of comfort and safety. The durability of the products has been tested and approved in very cold and windy conditions, a decisive element in the specifications. The 8K range has proven itself in winter expeditions on the highest peaks in the world.


The ULTRA range is dedicated to the most committed climbs in alpine style. It has been designed to meet the extremely demanding specifications of Samaya® athletes. Designed entirely in Dyneema® fabrics, on the lookout of the last gram, this range is the radical tool par excellence.

ASSAULT2 ULTRA  © Samaya® / Marc Daviet
© Samaya® / Marc Daviet

The ULTRA range has been designed to meet the needs of our athletes in their alpine style ascents. It is a pure concentration of the most advanced technology. The development of such a range is based on both Samaya®'s internal know-how and the partnerships that have been established with the most expert manufacturers in their field.

SAMAYA 2.0 - £1,050

Samaya2.0: Minimum weight: 1,240 g - Packed volume: 4.4 L – Capacity: 2 persons - Wall fabric: Nanovent® Three-layer Laminated Fabric. Also available in blue.


The Samaya2.0 tent is designed to accommodate two users during their alpine expeditions. It is the ideal partner for those who are looking for optimal comfort even in the worst conditions. Light, compact and easy to handle, you can easily slip it into your backpack and access the purity of the bivouac with simplicity. Equipped with the Nanovent® membrane, your Samaya2.0 guarantees dry nights all year round. Take advantage of its versatility to bivouac wherever you practice!

SAMAYA 2.5 - £ 1,150

Samaya2.5: Minimum weight: 1,470 g - Packed volume: 6.2 L – Capacity: 2-3 persons - Wall fabric: Nanovent® Three-layer Laminated Fabric. Also available in blue.


The Samaya2.5 tent is designed to accommodate two or three users during their alpine expeditions. It is the ideal partner for bivouacing in team. Light and compact, you can easily slip it into your backpack. Its hexagonal shape is the result of a perfect balance between a spacious interior and excellent resistance to wind and snow. Its weight of less than 1,500 grams gives it a unique positioning. Besides, the new Nanovent® technology provides perfect breathability management in critical conditions. In other words, the Samaya2.5 will accompany you both in high-mountain snowy bivouacs and in treks or bike tours.

SAMAYA ASSAUT2 8K - £ 1,300

Samaya ASSAUT2 8K: Minimum weight: 1,510 g - Packed volume: 5.0 L – Capacity: 2 persons - Wall fabric: PU membrane 37.5® Technology 3-layer laminate


The Samaya ASSAUT2 8K is designed for extreme practice in vertical faces. Its shape is drawn as to be adaptable to small turns or edges. Extremely reliable and resistant, the Samaya ASSAUT2 8K is an assault tent dedicated to winter expeditions, where the weather conditions are usually the most extreme. Product durability, user safety and performance in extreme cold were the key characteristics while developing this model.


Samaya BASECAMP 8K: Minimum weight: 5,380 g - Packed volume: 15.7 L - Capacity: 4 persons - Wall fabric: Nylon 66 High tenacity


Created for the most committed expeditions, the Samaya BASECAMP is designed to accommodate four people looking for serenity and comfort in extreme conditions. Particularly sturdy, it has 21 anchorage points and a geodesic structure with 7 DAC aluminum hoop crossings that can be doubled. That is to say, even in the worst weather conditions, the Samaya BASECAMP is your refuge to protect you against the strongest winds. Very spacious, it is equipped with a removable inner chamber. Its modular aspect allows you to divide it into three parts once the tent is stored.


Samaya ASSAUT2 ULTRA: Minimum weight: 980 g - Packed volume: 3.5 L - Capacity: 2 persons - Wall fabric: Dyneema® 2-layer laminated fabric ePTFE membrane


The Samaya ASSAUT2 ULTRA was initially developed to meet the extremely precise needs of Samaya® athletes. Entirely designed in Dyneema® fabrics and with a carbon pole structure, the Samaya ASSAUT2 ULTRA is an ultra-technical tent offering two places for less than 1,000 g. Looking first and foremost for lightness and performance, each essential element has been optimized in order to ensure performance in world's most demanding climbs. 

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13 May, 2021

What's an affective charge?

13 May, 2021

If improves your mood?

I think they're a French company - it does seem that there are enough "false friends" between French and English to make translation fraught - not in that you get things totally wrong, but you get very weirdly worded stuff that almost makes sense but doesn't really. They "give life to objects" after all! :)

Fine looking tents, but ooh la la! Not cheap.

13 May, 2021

No idea, sounds like whatever it is i think it's related to strong emotional, high performance object.

13 May, 2021

> Fine looking tents, but ooh la la! Not cheap.

I noticed that!

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