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Steripen “Fits All Filter”
SteriPEN the only portable water purifier to use UV light to destroy waterborne microbes has launched two new accessories.

A Fits All Filter to sift out sediment and a Bottle Topper for Sigg to complement their complete, safe water purification systems.

SteriPEN comes in five models, is about the size of an electric toothbrush and purifies clear water by destroying the DNA of 99.999% of viruses, bacteria and protozoa [incl. Giardia & Cryptosporidium] in seconds.

The NEW Fits All Filter works with the SteriPEN Classic and Journey models. Its design offers great flexibility for pre-filtering water into bottles with a wide range of mouth sizes. Its durable pre-filter removes particulates from the water as small as 4 micron.


Bottle Topper for SIGG™, 164 kb
Bottle Topper for SIGG™
© Steripen
Bottle Topper for SIGG™, colour options, 56 kb
Bottle Topper for SIGG™, colour options
© Steripen

The NEW silicone Bottle Topper for Sigg fits neatly on the top of SIGG and other brands of metal drink bottles to create a seal enabling optimal use with the Classic and Journey models. The Bottle Topper for Sigg is also ideal for covering the bottle rim and protecting lips in very cold temperatures.

In four years SteriPEN has become the US's biggest selling water purification device [Source: US Leisure Trends Group]. Based on tried and tested UV purification technology used in bottling plants and swimming pools it transforms 1 litre of undrinkable water in 90 seconds at the push of the button.

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Both products can be used with the following SteriPENs:

Fits All Filter - in use with a Nalgene bottle

The SteriPEN Journey uses an LCD screen to take the thinking out of water purification.


  • Weight: 128g
  • Time taken to purify: (0.5l) 48 seconds
  • Number of 0.5l doses over its lifespan: 10,000
  • SRP: £100

The SteriPEN Classic is slightly heavier at 153g, SRP: £80.

The Fits All Filter is available from outdoor retailers, SRP: £12

The Bottle Topper is available from outdoor retailers, SRP: £4.50

For stockist information call Rosker, 023 9252 8711

For more information visit Rosker
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