Alpkit Phud

The best value bouldering mat on the market.

Alpkit Phud Boulder Mat, 74 kb
Alpkit Phud Boulder Mat
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When we launched the Phud 4 years ago, we set the benchmark for being the best value mat on the market. With this latest version we have totally rewritten what that means. The outer material is just as good as anything on the market and the foam quality is better than most, even double the price. Some people might prefer a firmer mat but this comes down to personal choice and it isn't a measure of quality. We looked at a wide range of mats on the market and came up with the 'perfoamance index'. This is a simple equation which shows how much mat you get for your money.

So it's official the Phud is the best value bouldering mat in the UK, Quality foam, Quality Material and free delivery.

Fold Style

Phud bouldering mats are 'Hinge' style mats which means the two layers both have a gap in them with a hinge at this point. This simpler construction only really works on thicker mats of around 9 to 10cm thick, which is enough for you not to bottom out on a carefully placed mat. The advantage is that mat tends to be slightly better priced and that folding and unfolding the mat does not weaken the foam.

The phud is not a small mat so make sure you have enough room for him

  • Dimensions (Open): 1300mm x 1000mm x 100mm:
  • Dimensions (Closed): 650mm x 1000mm x 210mm
  • Weight: 5.2kg
  • Shell: Ballistic Nylon
  • Foam: Double Density Construction
  • Closure: Metal Buckle

For more information visit Alpkit
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