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The Beta Project Brush Stick, featuring a Lapis Uber Brush, 135 kb
The Beta Project Brush Stick, featuring a Lapis Uber Brush
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Brush Stick Fact Sheet, 122 kb
An adjustable, interchangeable, and lockable articulated brush for cleaning out of reach holds.

Made in Sheffield by Beta Climbing Designs, the Project Brush Stick is designed to be the perfect all-rounder, featuring an articulated head, extendable shaft, and a modular head that is compatible with a wide variety of brushes.

Available as of November 2016, the Project Brush Stick comes with a Lapis Uber Brush (and a free Font 8a tick*) as a part of the package. This, alongside the Standard Beta Stick Extendable Pole on which it is mounted, comes in at 510g, extending up to 2.5m, and available in shops for £39.

Stalwarts of using actual sticks, finger tape, and toothbrushes need not apply...

*terms, conditions, and climbing ability apply

Beta Brush Stick Angle 1, 15 kb

Beta Brush Stick Angle 2, 17 kb

Beta Brush Stick Angle 3, 28 kb

Beta Brush Stick Angle 4, 42 kb

A lot of brushes!, 199 kb
The Project Brush Stick in prototype

Finally, here's a couple of images from the forthcoming UKC review, just to wet your apetitie:

Penny Orr brushing Midnight Thunder in Bovey Woods, 186 kb Tom Ripley brushing Morrell's Wall at Almscliffe, 65 kb

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