Edelrid Cosmic Twist Chalk Bag

Often the simplest of things can make a big difference when it comes to gear. Seemingly with this thought in mind, Edelrid present the Cosmic Twist: a new chalk bag with a novel design feature.

Edelrid presents a new chalk bag, with a design twist. [TO GO LIVE BY 6/5/11] #1, 237 kb

The Cosmic Twist is a large-size chalk bag that boasts a single-handed open/ close system, which is the first we have seen of its kind. The draw pull slides open or pulls tightly closed single-handedly, which is ideal for those moments when you just can't spare the other hand.

Aside from this the Cosmic Twist is fleece-lined, which does a good job of preventing excess chalk dust from escaping when the bag is opened and closed. The wide opening makes it easy to get your hand in and it is fully compatible with Edelrid's slide-rail harness system.

Retailing for £16.95 the Cosmic Twist is available from selected stockists. To learn more check out, for stockist information call: 01539 733842 or email

For more information visit Edelrid
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