KletterRetter Hand Cream, Chalk & Finger Tape Product News

KletterRetter are a German company who are best known for their hand cream. They also have an excellent range of chalk and finger tape products too.

The word KletterRetter translates to Climbing Saviour in English. It's a pretty good name for a brand who's products are designed to keep you climbing, even after the most intense session.

KletterRetter Hand Cream

The original KletterRetter product, KltetterRetter Hand Cream is a fast absorbing hand cream for post climbing skin care. It contains panthenol, candula oil and vitamin A and actively works to repair and regenerate skin. It also smells good and doesn't leave a greasy residue after use.

KletterRetter Hand Cream is available in two sizes; a 75ml tube and a handy 30ml mini tube that comes with a small accessory carabiner too.

RRP: 75ml - £9.99

RRP: 30ml - £4.99

KletterRetter Cream Chalk

KletterRetter Cream Chalk is a great alternative to liquid chalk. It dries fast and provides maximum grip and performance. It also cleans and disinfects the skin whilst in use and eliminates chalk dust too.

KletterReam Cream Chalk is water soluble so washes off easily and comes in a portable 150ml tube.

RRP: £9.99

KletterRetter Chalk

This chalk is a no-nonsense 100% magnesium carbonate for excellent performance combined with great value for money. The regular fine blend is available in 200g and 450g bags. The Crunchy version is loose but chunky and comes in 120g bag and the Chalk Ball is refillable.

KletterRetter chalk is also available in block form. Each block is split into convenient 10g mini blocks for ease of use.

RRP: Loose Chalk 200g - £5.99

RRP: Loose Chalk 400g - £9.99

RRP: Crunchy Chalk 120g - £5.99

RRP: Chalk Block - £5.99

RRP: Chalk Ball - £5.99

KletterRetter Liquid Chalk

Still favoured by some climbers, KletterRetter's Liquid Chalk eliminates chalk dust and provides a practical alternative to traditional chalk. The formula dries fast and provides outstanding grip. KletterRetter Liquid Chalk is available in an easy to carry 200ml bottle with a flip top lid.

RRP: £9.99

KletterRetter Finger Tape

High quality finger tape that doesn't leave any sticky gunk after use. KletterRetter Finger Tape is available in two sizes; 15mm x 10m or, for those who prefer a wider tape, 50mm x 10m.

RRP: 15mm x 10m - £5.49

RRP: 50mm x 10m - £7.99

All KetterRetter tape and chalk products are made to a high standard in Spain. KletterRetter Hand Cream is made in Germany. KletterRetter is distributed in the UK by Troll Outdoors Ltd.

Check out our video of KletterRetter from ISPO 2018:

For more information visit the Troll Outdoors website

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