Taiwan Outdoor Brand Invents New Kind of Chalkbag

Taiwanese outdoor gear brand HANCHOR has designed a new type of chalkbag that they think will change how rock climbers chalk up.

By integrating a large, ergonomically designed chalkball into the bag, these bags are better to chalk up with and cleaner to boot.

Two Variations on a Cool Idea

HULA is the perfect chalkbag for the all around climber, at home on a belt or as a mini-bouldering bucket.

With a ring-style chalkball circling the inside of the bag, climbers can grab HULA from any angle and easily get a perfect layer of chalk all over their hands. Big zippers on the outside make HULA easy to fill.

KANGAROO is two great chalkbags in one. Designed for climbing routes, a convertible chalkpouch is sewn inside the bag and functions as either a chalkball or a loose chalk bag.

With the pouch closed in chalkball mode, chalk stays in the bag, not all over your belayers face.  Yet the pouch fabric dispenses loads of chalk easily with just a light touch. After the climb, climbers can close up KANGAROO and throw it in the pack -- chalk wont get anywhere.

Unlike small, awkward chalkballs, KANGAROO’s chalkpouch is large, easy to fill, and comfortably designed. The chalkpouch is fixed right where climbers naturally put their hands so there’s never any fumbling around.

Cleaner & Greener

One of the best features of these bags is when they aren’t being used. Turn the bags upside down and nothing falls out - the integrated chalkball system keeps chalk in the bag. There’s never any worry about chalk getting in your belayers eyes or all over your stuff like with other chalkbags. Just like a chalkball, chalk also lasts longer with HULA & KANGAROO.

To learn more about HULA, KANGAROO and HANCHOR, check out their Kickstarter



Founded in 2012 by climber and bagmaker Syoten Shieh, HANCHOR Studio makes quality outdoor gear from rugged urban bags, to daypacks, to innovative and high quality chalkbags.

With a background in textiles, packing and bag design, Syoten and a small group of employees has quickly built up a grassroots outdoor brand known for innovation and quality.

To learn more about HANCHOR, visit

For more information visit Kickstarter
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