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Sublime Brushes

© Sublime Brushes

A Professional Rock Climber Crack Weirdo + Professional Climbing Aviation Tech Wizard = The Best Climbing Brush Ever?

We reinvented the climbing brush to help people climb their best. No breaking, lightweight, works better, lasts longer, secret storage compartment, and 100% Recyclable.

The Sublime Climbing Brush is a reinvention of the climbing brush that respects climbers with its thoughtful design, ease of use, and durability. The Sublime Climbing Brush allows climbers to effortlessly clean holds on your climbing routes or boulder problems, removing frictionkillers like dirt and excess chalk, and increasing your ability to hold on. This is even more important for newer climbers whose hands aren't that strong yet and rely more on a hold's natural friction. Quickly cleaning holds with The Sublime Climbing Brush increases the surface's coefficient of friction, and the ability to hang on and climb the route.

“We believe in making quality products, and Sublime Climbing Brushes are built to last. We've gone through nine prototypes with feedback from hundreds of fellow climbers to make our brush the best,” Sublime Climbing cofounder Tom Randall.

Each use is quick and light no more having to use a tiny brush on a giant sloper or push down violently for brushing power. This is achieved by a special ridge reinforced neck design, a unique shape of the brush head, more than 6,500 bristles in the Classic Nylon edition (RRP £6.75), and over 14,000 bristles in the Premium Boar’s Hair edition (RRP £8.00).

The Sublime Climbing Brush was built from the groundup for climbing. Its clever brushhead design can clean the biggest slopers while still being able to clean small features like monopockets. The unique handle fits climbers’ hands perfectly so they can clean any hold easily at any angle whether they're on a rope or working boulder problems.

The Sublime Climbing Brush also has a secret compartment in the handle for conveniently carrying your 'need to have' skincare products, like our custom made climbOn Bar. The twistoff handle can also be adapted to upcoming products like a fully articulating stick brush adapter for highball boulder problems no more stick and duct tape.

“We wanted to make products that are in line with the morals of the climbing community, that's why we made our brushes and packaging to be 100% recyclable,” states cofounder Ransom Allison. When, or if, someone manages to go through a Sublime Climbing Brush, they can rest assured that it will be recycled and reincarnated into an amazing new product.

About the cofounders:

Sublime Brushes  © Sublime Brushes
Tom Randall has been climbing for over 20 years. He is a member of the Wideboyz climbing team, the former coach of the Great Britain climbing team, and he's established and repeated some of the hardest TradClimbing routes in the world. After being frustrated with the inability to find a ‘nice’ climbing brush, he connected with aviation technology designer Ransom Allison in Brooklyn, NY to create the Sublime Climbing Brush. Conceived in February 2014, the brush has taken up every minute of Ransom and Tom’s time. After 9 prototypes developed over the last year with testing and feedback from friends and superstar climbers around the world, Tom and Ransom are ready to share their product with the world.

For more information visit Beta Climbing Designs

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2 Dec, 2015
Making brushes out of boar's bristle is pathetic.
2 Dec, 2015
Depends how they persuade the boars to relinquish their bristles
2 Dec, 2015
"reinvention of the climbing brush"? It's a big toothbrush FFS "even more important for newer climbers whose hands aren't that strong yet and rely more on a hold's natural friction". I appreciate there might be some innovation here, but the PR team should tone down a little bit. Even by today's ridiculous PR standards, it's completely over the top.
2 Dec, 2015
Well, maybe... and maybe not. Certainly the last time this project was discussed on these august forums, the general view from the armchair critics was similar to yours'. And that got me wondering - cos Tom Randall (never met him, so not cronyism!) certainly seems like a pretty upfront, honest guy - and obviously hyper-motivated. Would he really get so intense about something with only marginal impact? And then I reminisced about our general acceptance of change. I can remember folk deriding bouldering mats ("Bloody hell, beer towels were good enough for us!") and clipsticks ("Bloody cheating sticks!") But, of course, (nearly) all of us are using mats and clipsticks now. And then I went climbing with someone who (unlike me!) really does know his stuff. When I was scrattling around for some pathetic excuse for a brush, he produced an alternative. "It's absolutely brilliant!" he enthused. "Aren't Tom Randall and some other guy producing one?" I asked. "Yep, this is it!" he replied. Mick
2 Dec, 2015
Well I suppose if you don't find it any use for climbing you can use it on your teeth.
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