Wicked Good Rope Wash

Sterling Rope's Wicked Good Rope Wash is a specially formulated liquid soap for washing your dynamic and static rock climbing and rigging ropes. Also works well for harnesses and slings.

Wicked Good Rope Wash #1, 99 kb

This unique formula contains no bleach, phosphate, fabric softener, scent or detergent, and thus neither damages the yarns nor leaves any residue on the rope's sheath. Washing your ropes reasonably regularly will help restore and enhance their performance.

  • 1 pack per rope (upto 90m)
  • Sold in individual packets
  • Easiest solution to cleaning your ropes
  • No expiration date!
  • Biodegradable

Check stockists at

Sold by Crag X, 58 kb
Sold by Crag X

Sold by Rock and Run

For more information visit Beta Climbing Designs
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