Wild Country Pure Chalk: Available as block, loose and chalk ball.

There's more to chalk than meets the eye. With the blending, baking, crushing and forming involved sometimes it can seem more like distilling whisky than making a simple white powder. But remembering that the best whisky is usually the purest, we figured that Wild Country Chalk would be better that way too...Pure...Hence the name.

So with no additives, drying agents or other nasties to ruin your skin or the rock Pure Chalk will keep your hands clean and dry and thus keeping your head clearer in even the hottest spots. Pure Chalk is a 100% additive free formula that has a cleaner feel on the skin and a super friction finish for ultimate stick.


Pure Chalk Blox and Block, 26 kb

Wild Country Pure Chalk Block – 58 grams: £1.00

The original chalk delivery system is now available with 58 grams of Wild Country Pure Chalk. Buying a block and breaking it lets you decide how you use it...big chunks, little chunks or smooth balls. Available as single block or an 8 block box.

Our beautiful big bag of Pure Chalk, 39 kb

Wild Country Pure Chalk 350 Gram Bag: £5.00

- Blended, baked, formed, then crushed to our specifications this is one of the best value bags on the market with it's mega sized 350grams meaning it should last through a whole bunch of tries on even the most hardcore days out. Our bag's re-sealable so it don't spill and mess your stuff and recyclable so it doesn't mess anyone else's either.

Our chalk ball all wrapped up...

Wild Country Pure Chalk Ball – 60 grams: £2.00

- Sized to slip unobtrusively into your powder pouch our chalk ball is a super tough one, and is filled with 60 grams of our exclusive Pure Chalk formula. The stretched material wrapper lets out enough chalk each time to coat the fingers well but without losing too much powder and should last a good long time. And as a bonus it's the perfect size for throwing at mickey taking mates –after you've crashed and burned on another send - without causing them too much damage!!!

BMC Bonus - As a bonus you can help keep our climbing areas in better shape as 2% of all the turnover on all chalk sold goes to the British Mountaineering Council to help the Crag Care Fund keep our areas open, clean and accessible. Greener Bouldering No chipping, use pads, use nylon brushes, clean ticks, collect trash & don't litter, car share, use trails, recycle, support access groups and plant a tree!!

For more information visit Wild Country
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