C.A.M.P. HMS Bet Lock Krab

The latest version of a best seller! Large screw gate karabiner designed for belaying and rappelling with either a Munter hitch or standard belay device. Key Locking closure eliminates snagging. Available with either a polished or Anodised finish with the choice of closures - Screw, Twist Lock or Twist Lock Evolution (triple action Twist Lock).

  • Belay, Rappel, Rigging
  • Excellent belay karabiner with secure locking closure
  • Large opening and key lock nose make clipping ropes and webbing easy
  • Available polished or anodized blue


  • Weight: 78g - 86g (dependent on closure)
  • Major Axis: 24 kN
  • Minor Axis: 8 kN
  • Open Gate: 8 kN
  • Gate Opening: 23 mm


C.A.M.P. HMS Bet Lock Screw - Polished, 61 kb
C.A.M.P. HMS Bet Lock Screw - Polished
© Allcord Ltd
C.A.M.P. HMS Bet Lock Twist Lock Evolution - Anodised, 73 kb
C.A.M.P. HMS Bet Lock Twist Lock Evolution - Anodised
© Allcord Ltd

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