DMM Pivot

The DMM Pivot belay device, 112 kb
The DMM Pivot belay device
Versatile, functional and innovative; the Pivot is a state-of-the-art belay device catering for modern belay techniques with the latest ropes. It excels when belaying both from the waist and directly from the anchor. Perfect for multi-pitch trad, winter and alpine climbing, the Pivot is the ideal companion for your adventures in the vertical realm.

Key to the Pivot is the patented guide mode attachment that gives the device its name. As well as lending the device an appealing aesthetic, the pivot gives the user greater leverage on the belay plate when lowering a climber in guide mode. This simple sounding feature gives the Pivot a massive advantage over standard guide plates because the force needed to manipulate the device is vastly reduced.

Guide mode, 162 kb
Guide mode
The result is that the Pivot handles beautifully and intuitively, especially when in guide mode. Anyone familiar with guide mode will be aware of common problems encountered when belaying your second. Ropes twisting and locking after a second’s fall, difficulties in lowering a second smoothly or lowering two seconds separately: the Pivot makes these actions much easier, meaning more efficient belaying and allowing you to save your energy for climbing that next pitch.

Other clever design features make the Pivot incredibly simple to use. Tapered sidewalls give easy rope loading and mean the Pivot works with a huge variety of rope diameters, as well as minimising chance of ropes twisting and locking in the event of a second fall. V grooves in the rope channels give increased friction and holding power when using skinny ropes. The device is reversible for easier use of large diameter ropes and smoother abseiling. The carabiner hole used to release the device has been sized specifically to grip a standard biner at the optimum point for maximum leverage.

DMM Pivot guide mode attachment, 66 kb
DMM Pivot guide mode attachment
Having been meticulously designed and tested at our factory in Llanberis, the Pivot was then put through rigorous field testing both by our always eager team, and also the AMI’s and Guides at Plas Y Brenin National Mountain Centre prior to manufacturing. This feedback has been key to making the Pivot the ideal partner for your climbing adventures.

Lightweight, intuitive and innovative, the Pivot is the perfect belay device for alpine, winter and multi-pitch trad climbing.




  • Pivot ensures easy rope control when lowering in guide mode
  • Only 72g
  • Three colourways (Red/BLT, Green/BLT, Blue/BLT)
  • Recommended with the Rhino for smooth action in guide mode
  • Suitable for single ropes: 8.7mm to 11mm
  • Suitable for half/twin ropes: 7.3mm to 9.2mm
  • Conforms to the latest standard EN 15151-2


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