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EDELRID are a company famous for their innovation. From 2017 onwards we became the first, and still remain the only, company to only manufacture assisted braking belay devices. "Added safety value" is one of the main ethos in EDELRID and we hope that our actions will set a precedent for other manufacturers to follow.

EDELRID athlete Tommy Caldwell putting the Giga Jul to use  © EDELRID
EDELRID athlete Tommy Caldwell putting the Giga Jul to use


The Giga Jul combines all the advantages of our best-selling Mega Jul with those of a standard tuber.

This is achieved by the Giga Jul having two functions. The assisted braking function is ideal for giving you extra security when belaying a leader. Whilst the tuber function is the go to for abseiling or bringing up your second on single or multipitch traditional routes.

  • Additional eyelet for simply unlocking the device in second mode using a carabiner
  • Intelligent hybrid design: body made of ultra-light aluminum, areas susceptible to abrasion made of robust stainless steel
  • Rope can be paid out faster in assisted braking guide mode by holding the device in the "open" position with the thumb
  • Suitable for ropes with a diameter of 7.8 to 10.0 mm

So now that you know the function. You're probably asking how it works...

Watch this video to see the Giga Jul in action.

  • See UKC's review here:

For more information EDELRID's website

19 Jun, 2019

What is Tommy doing in the photo?

19 Jun, 2019

Belaying a leader, perhaps?

19 Jun, 2019

Have you ever seen anyone belay a leader like that, in the event of a fall the device will whip up to the top of the sling it’s attached to.

19 Jun, 2019

I was just suggesting a possibility, not saying it was definitely what he was doing or endorsing it as a method. Though in this case, if that is what's happening, it looks like the device would only be moving a relatively short distance because it seems to be connected to a small webbing loop rather than a full sling.

19 Jun, 2019

Yes that’s what I was thinking. Though the sling is short, in the event of a fall the device would be out of reach.

Im sure Tommy knows what he’s doing as he’s done a bit of multi pitch before....

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