What's Available - Simple Belay Devices

Here is a round-up of currently available belay devices. This is not a gear review, but we have listed simple belay devices with the blurb from the manufacturers here. The belay devices shown are not auto locking or assisted locking, and do not have 'Guide modes' for bringing up two seconds. They are simple devices akin to the traditional sticht plate. They all take two ropes with the exception of the Edelrid Jul, which is a single rope device. Also worth noting is that the RRP for the Metolius device includes a carabiner.

Looking for a new belay device? Thinking of buying your climbing partner a Christmas present? This list of belay devices might give you a helping hand.

Wild Country VC Pro 2 (RRP £17.00)

Wild Country VC Pro 2  © Wild Country
The VC Pro 2 has been designed to complement the diverse activities of the modern climber and is adaptable across a wide range of disciplines.


DMM Bug (RRP £12.00)

DMM Bug  © DMM
This is a great all rounder; a belay device that is equally at home down the climbing wall as it is out on the grit. It even works well on wet ropes.


Black Diamond ATC XP (RRP £19.99)

Black Diamond ATC XP  © Black Diamond
With a high-friction mode for extra stopping power and machined windows for weight savings, the ATC-XP is a super-versatile belay/rappel device.


Mammut Element Light (RRP  £14.00)

Mammut Element Light Belay  © Mammut
Very lightweight belay device based on the tube principle; suitable for double, half and single ropes from 7.5 to 10.5 mm in diameter. The V-shaped grooves permit controlled retention of drops even at low manual force as well as controlled lowering of the climber.


Petzl Verso (RRP £20.00)

Petzl Verso  © Petzl
Petzl’s lightest belay/rappel device with adaptive rope control technology

The VERSO is a simplified version of the REVERSO. The asymmetrical V-shaped grooved friction channels adapt the friction for better control using our ARC (Adaptive Rope Control) technology.


C.A.M.P. Shell (RRP £13.00)

CAMP Shell  © Camp
The CAMP Shell is deceitfully simple. Forged from 6082-T6 aluminum, the Shell has thicker walls than other tube style belay devices for good durability and heat dissipation.


Metolius BRD (with carabiner) (RRP: £28.00)

Metolius BRD  © Metolius
A versatile, lightweight belay/rappel device. Rope slots are engineered to increase friction on the rope. Single or double rope compatible. (8 mm to 11 mm ropes). Cooling fins to dissipate heat more efficiently. Hard anodized for longer wear.


Edelrid Jul (RRP: £15.00)

Edelrid Jul  © Edelrid
Stylish single rope belay device with a unique two-component construction. Ideal for sport climbing and climbing walls.

5 Dec, 2013
It´s spelt Sticht.
5 Dec, 2013
Wow, 17 quid for the worst belay device ever invented. I'm amazed WC still make VC Pro considering its now fairly widely known reputation for sticky, jammy & snatchy feeding. I wonder if my post will get pulled.
5 Dec, 2013
Can't beat the DMM Bug as a simple belay device
5 Dec, 2013
Zero-G make a good, simple device with the best name of the bunch ;P The Zero-G Spot is only £8.50. I've had mine since I started climbing and have always been happy with it. http://www.theepicentre.co.uk/climbing-c120/belay-devices-c222/zero-g-spot-p6485
5 Dec, 2013
Just a quick question does ne1 really use a traditional sticht plate any more? All I see at climbing walls these days is people with fany GRiGri's etc, cant remember when I last saw a sticht plate
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