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The first bi-directional belay device with a backup. The Revo makes belaying simple, safe and more intuitive.

Its function is independent from the loading orientation of the rope, thus eliminating one of the most common causes of belay related accidents. Irrespective of the situation an uncontrolled descent will cause the inertia reel to activate, grip the rope and arrest the fall.

The innovative panic-proof locking mechanism removes the necessity for a handle to unlock the system when lowering the climber. The device is intuitive to use like a traditional belay plate and thus is suited for both the novice and expert alike.

The clever combination of these features makes the Revo the safest belay device on the market.

A revolutionary belay device that allows simple and easy control. The only automatically locking belay device which:

  • Has a completely panic-proof locking mechanism. The REVO has no method of over-riding the locking mechanism, during belaying, or when lowering a climber.
  • Is bi-directional, the locking function works regardless of the rope orientation.
  • Has an intuitive belaying method, which requires no changes to standard belaying technique.
  • Has no need for a specific locking karabiner.

All these USP's contribute to make the REVO the safest belay device available.

Product features:

  • Innovative bi-directional locking function
  • Double SS jaws panic proof locking mechanism
  • Open release button
  • Forged, high strength aircraft aluminium body
  • Compatible with any karabiner
  • Compatible with rope diameters 8.5-11.0mm
  • Inertia reel locking mechanism

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9 Aug, 2019

I have been using one of these consistently for indoor lead climbing for 3 months now. Probably about 4-6hrs per week. Love it in use but I have one issue with it.

When a climber who is light takes a fall and activates the locking mechanism there are instances where the locking mechanism activates but the shoulder does not release/pop up. Device catches the fall no problem but you can’t release the locking mechanism without 1st loosening the grip on rope to pop shoulder up to then take in the rope to release lock. At all times the lock is in place but it is rather disconcerting.

I thought I was going mad but a guy came over whilst this had happened and asked to see. After we let my daughter down we replicated a gentle fall which could activate the lock but not the shoulder.

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