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Whilst the winter is where it's at for many boulderers, the sunny summer bouldering scene is not to be underestimated.

For the season ahead SNAP have a number of tasty morsels from their range, including the sumptuous French Toast, the Wrap, and the Pizza - all of which will nourish your climbing needs.

The French Toast

French Toast  © Snap
A super practical suit case folding pad with all the quality that you expect of a SNAP.

Superb foam, covered in reinforcement 'ballistic' polyester (1680 deniers, the thickest on the market) and seamless edges construction gives great abrasion resistance and durability.

Practical to use, the French Toast fits perfectly in to most car boots and is easy to carry due to it rucksack style shoulder straps.

Foam: 2cm of EVA high density reticulated foam to break the fall and 5.5 cm of PU foam to absorb the shock. Both safe and hard wearing,

Size: 100x100x7.5 cm

Weight: 4.5 kg


Wrap  © Snap
When Snap brought out the Wrap with its air cell technology, they blurred the line between bouldering and higballing. They did this by creating a pad which offers a soft comfy landing when falling off from close to the ground, but gets firmer the further you fall making it the perfect pad for everything from highballs, to circuits.

It does this by using compartmentalised foam cells, made from PU and wrapped in taffeta with a few small holes in the base. This stops the air from escaping too quickly when landed on, and causes more cells to be deployed which in turn eliminates any rebound. It is lighter than any other pad using air cell technology so it really can be your one and only pad.

Foam: 1 cm of PU foam for cushioning + 1,5 cm of EVA high density reticulated foam to break the fall and 12 cm of PU foam to absorb the shock. Both safe and hard wearing, the reference among crash-pads.

Size: 150x100x15 cm

Weight: 10 kg


Pizza  © Snap
Every boulding pad needs a Pizza! This beefed up 'font carpet' helps out in all types of situation, covering joints between two crash-pads, low sit starts, the start of a traverse lines... the options are endless.

Topside is made from recycled polyester, non-slip underside, waterproof and can easily be sponged down. Raised felt logo and carrying handle.

Size: 75x50x2.5cm

Weight: 1.5kg

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