3D-Vent: Complete Comfort & Added Safety Value

A climbing harness should be comfortable, hardwearing and safe. Which is exactly what EDELRID have set out to achieve with their 3D-Vent collection. The concept is simple, by distributing force evenly across the waist belt and leg loops they've created a harness that is likely to be the most comfortable you'll ever use.

This uniform load transmission is achieved by way of the stitched webbing that covers the surface area of both the waist belt and leg loops. When you cinch in the buckles to adjust the fit, the aforementioned webbing transmits this across the whole of the harness for even load distribution and incredible comfort.
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In addition to this, the three-dimensional form of the leg loops are anatomically formed to fit the contours of the body, this ergonomic approach comprises opposing curved surfaces that provide a close fit, without the sensation of cutting in, which can be prevalent with more conventional harness designs.
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The comfort factor is further increased by the inclusion of three-layer foam padding, which is fully air permeable thanks to a series of ventilating holes, which allow heat and perspiration to be effectively moved away from the body. As an additional bonus the padding used is extremely robust, retaining its shape even when subjected to pressure.
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Last but by no means least, there’s Hytrel – a specially engineered material that’s used to construct the tie-in loop. Hytrel combines the flexibility of rubber with the strength of plastic, ensuring that your tie-in loop remains extremely safe, and highly abrasion resistant. This both extends the life of the harness and reduces the risk of potential accidents occurring. This feature has been designed as part of EDELRID’s ‘Added Safety Value’ concept. Wherein gear is designed with clever, additional features that offer practical safety improvements, without compromising function or ease of use.

3D-Vent technology is available in the Solaris (RRP: £85) a 3 buckle women’s specific design with a different hip shape and leg loops to accommodate the shape of the female body. The Orion (RRP: £85) the 3 buckle, men’s equivalent. The Cyrus (RRP: £80) is the fixed leg loop variant, whilst the Atmosphere (RRP: £70) is a streamlined, lightweight version that will appeal to sport climbers.

Solaris (£85)

For more information visit EDELRID
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