An Evolution in Climbing Comfort from EDELRID

German climbing specialists EDELRID recently introduced two new climbing harnesses to the UK market – the Orion (RRP: £85), a fully adjustable 4-buckle harness suitable for year-round and alpine climbing as well as the Atmosphere (RRP: £70) a single-buckle, lightweight harness designed especially for sport climbing.

Both harnesses make use of the brand's 3D-Vent technology, designed around the ethos that a comfortable climbing harness has a large surface area, in order to distribute pressure as evenly as possible. With this in mind the harnesses are designed with waist and leg loop width measurements up to 60cm. In order to ensure maximum comfort 3D-Vent harnesses are not flat like many other climbing harnesses, rather they make use of ergonomic 3D shaping, which is particularly evident in the leg loops that are contoured using an elastic mesh insert.

EDELRID Orion, 153 kb
Edelrid Orion
EDELRID Atmosphere, 172 kb
Edelrid Atmosphere

Throughout the waist belt and leg loops 3-layer foam padding is used, the principal benefit of which is its ability to withstand large amounts of pressure without deformation or changes in shape, whilst maintaining wearer comfort. As foam is not known for its innate breathability the problem of moisture transpiration has been addressed by the inclusion of myriad venting holes for top-notch breathability.

Across both harnesses EDELRID tech webbing is used to provide structural reinforcement – the homogenous nature of the stitching, as well as the positioning of the webbing itself ensures that load transmission is second-to-none, providing unbeatable safety and comfort.

For more information visit EDELRID Harnesses
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