C.A.M.P. Quartz CR Harness

Our most versatile harness in the range, especially popular with ice and alpine climbers looking for a harness that also excels on rock. The Quartz CR combines the comfort of 4-mm perforated EVA foam with fold-over construction on the waist and adds the flexibility of two 'Sicura' buckles on the waist belt for maximum adaptability to clothing layers. In addition, the leg loops are also equipped with 'Sicura' buckles so the harness can be stripped completely without removing bulky boots or crampons.

C.A.M.P. Quartz CR Harness, 190 kb
C.A.M.P. Quartz CR Harness
© Allcord Ltd
'No Twist' Belay Loop, 169 kb
'No Twist' Belay Loop
© Allcord Ltd
C.A.M.P. Hub racking biner (sold separately), 80 kb
C.A.M.P. Hub racking biner (sold separately)
© Allcord Ltd


  • For: Ice Climbing, Alpinism, Rock Climbing
  • Fold-Over Construction on the waist belt
  • 4-mm Perforated EVA Foam
  • Four Patented 'Sicura' buckles
  • Patented 'No-Twist' belay loop
  • 4 webbing reinforced gear loops and full-strength haul loop
  • Patented Flat-Link elastic straps with drop seat
  • Hub racking biner compatible (sold separately)
  • S: Waist 64-78 cm, 25-30 in | Legs 46-56 cm, 18-22 in
  • M: Waist 72-88 cm, 28-34 in | Legs 56-66 cm, 18-26 in
  • L: Waist 80-94 cm, 31-37 in | Legs 66-76 cm, 26-30 in
  • Weight (small): 493g

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