DMM The NEW Super Couloir Harness

The NEW Super Couloir Harness
Just in time for winter our Super Couloir harness has had a make-over and is now available in the shops. Popular with mountaineers and ideal for winter climbing, this understated but well-thought out harness is light (med 335 g) and easy to put on whilst wearing crampons.

The latest version has been modified with a larger sizing, better gear loops and stronger Hypalon strips for ice-screw racking. The 'nappy style' design is simple to use and makes it straight-forward to pull the leg loops out of the way for 'accident free' calls of nature. The 44 mm webbing chosen for the Super Couloir is durable and an ideal balance between weight and comfort.

Importantly, it has a traditional belay loop (rated at 25 kN) making ropework less complicated. The minimal padding on the waist lessens water absorption. Like all DMM harnesses it has a unique ID number as part of our quality control system.

This harness has evolved with input from our sponsored climbers. One of them, Nick Bullock, is currently using just such a harness on his attempt with Andy Houseman at Chang Himal's (a.k.a. Wedge Peak) unclimbed 1500 m North Face. Asking Nick what he liked about the Super Couloir before he left for Nepal, he said: "I like the weight of it for alpinism and the wider webbing makes the harness comfortable when you're wearing it for long periods of time. However, at night I can easily unclip the leg loops while still enjoying the security of being tied-in to the belt."


  • Low weight and minimal pack size.
  • Twin hypalon ice screw racking strips.
  • Five gear loops.
  • 20mm belay loop rated at 25kn.
  • 44mm minimally padded waist for lightweight comfort.

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