Wild Country Elite Ultralite Ziplock

The awesome new Elite, stylish, safe and Ultralite
The new and radical 10mm dyneema belay loop
With it's radical shaping, and light weight, the Elite Ultralite was created to become our 'piece de resistance' for the avid sports climber or traditionalist who really wants to shed the pounds.

Designed for movement the Ultralite sports a 'super-ergo' belt that's been carved to allow an unprecedented flex and feel. Lightened and tweaked to fit better and weigh less but still retaining four gear loops and the ability to work for sports and trad this is a great all rounder. Superb, subtle colours and design graft with technical advances like our weight saving 10mm Dyneema belay loop.

Add all these features to this stylish finish that really stands out and you know you're holding the next big thing.

Features: New 'Super-Ergo' belt, New 20mm Waistbelt webbing, New 10mm Dyneema belay loop, 4 gear loops, 25kn belay loop, wear indicator, elasticated leg loops, duo clip off point, tie in point protector.

For more information visit the Wild Country Website

For more information visit Wild Country
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