Totem Basic Cam

The Basic Cam uses internal spring and sheath trigger systems to get a narrow head and a very flexible body - a system pioneered in the legendary Alien Cams of CCH. Totem would like to express our sincere appreciation to David Waggoner, passed in October 2009, designer of the awesome Aliens.

We have done our bit to try to improve it:  flexible trigger wire ropes system, rounded lobe edges, internal spring on blue size, color anodized upper trigger plate, diagonal micro teeth on cam lobes and more.

Basic Cam Feature Breakdown, 44 kb

  • Internal cam springs for narrow head width.
  • Sheath trigger for maximum flexibility. Stainless 5/32" 7x19 wire rope for all Basic Cam sizes.
  • 16 degrees cam angle, soft lobes with teeth for well trusted holding power. Lobes are CNC machined from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
  • Double sheath on trigger. The outer sheath layer has free rotation motion for improved abrasion resistance.
  • NEW trigger wires system. Flexible and strong while maintaining a correct independent lobe motion.
  • NEW rounded lobe edges. More consistent rock contact on non parallel cracks and less flash material on lobe edges.
  •  Four well scaled regular sizes from blue to red.
  • Three hybrid sizes. The perfect complement for both Totem and Basic Cams.
  • CE certified and individually proof tested.
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