Alpkit Limited Edition Quickdraws

Quickdraw McGraws

Eyes fixed on the bolt, bead of sweat dripping down your forehead. Your hand is down by your harness, fingers begin to twitch. It could be a long fall... feeling quick on the draw pardn'r? Well you sure gotta be quick to snatch up some of these AK limited edition QuickDraw McGraws.

Fully spec'd DMM Prowires and dyneema slings, with the Alpkit motif. Available in 2 lengths as packs of 6, or as a mixed set of 12 (see spec).

We've always wanted to do our own proper climbing gear, who wouldn't?

So we approached DMM to bash out a limited number of quickdraws for us to show we are serious about making serious gear. These aren't cheaper than anyone else, they are just a quality set of quickdraws with Alpkit on them. So we did it because we wanted to and because we could. We would love to work with DMM in the future but they, like us, want to see how it goes. Don't think about it too much, we know we are going to sell out, and pretty quickly at that. We like to think our McGraw quickdraws are a little better than the standard prowire sets around as we have color coded them for easy clipping and they come in a number of sets to suit the way you rack up. But they are exactly what you think they are - decent carabiners branded Alpkit and made by the best factory in the world.

  • Six Shooter: £48. 12 Bore: £96. Postage included
  • Each McGraw comes with 2x Prowire carabiners and 11mm Dyneema sling
  • 120mm six shooter: 6x12cm prowires
  • 180mm six shooter: 6x18cm prowires
  • 12 bore: 5x12cm, 5x18cm, 2x25cm prowires

For more information visit Alpkit
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