EDELRID Introduce the Lightest Karabiner in the World...

EDELRID Nineteen G Karabiner, 183 kb

Each biner weighs in at a featherweight 19g, which is the same weight as two £1 coins! Designed for use predominantly in Alpine climbing scenarios an entire rack of 19G quickdraws weighs in at roughly half the weight of the nearest competitor, which can make all the difference on a fast ascent.

To retain as much functionality as possible at this size and weight the Nineteen G has been outfitted with a wide-opening wire-gate to allow for easy clipping when using a wide variety of rope diameters. The body of the biner is constructed from a strong aluminium alloy and utilises a special hardening treatment to increase its load bearing properties.

The lengthwise breaking load is an impressive 20kN, with a breaking load of 7kN both across and when open, which allows the Nineteen G to compete with much larger karabiners when it comes to load bearing ability. It should also be noted that in the event of a fall, the lightweight wire gate has been designed so as to reduce the potential whiplash effect that can sometimes occur.

EDELRID Nineteen G Quickdraw Set (10cm), 161 kb

Available now from selected retailers as individual karabiners (RRP: £9), a 10cm Quickdraw set (RRP: £19) and an 18cm Quickdraw set (RRP: £21).

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